February 02, 2009

Probably The Dumbest Creationist Argument Ever

On a forum i frequent they have a "politics and religion" section and it is brimming with creationist fundies, muslim fanatics and born again assholes. yeah, great fun.

Though most of the fundies have learned their lesson and don't try to debate evolution any more, we sometimes get the odd cretin who doesn't know the score come in and start parroting the creationist bullshit he has heard on a Kent Hovind (convicted fraudster) creationist propaganda video.

On the odd occasion, when one of these idiots ventures into unfamiliar water and tries to conjure an original thought, we get something quite spectacular. Spectacular in the sense of; wow, that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard.

Yesterday one such moron made this argument against evolution.
Despite your evolution approach, its still yet a theory.

If Evolution happens, how come we don't see humans coming out of chimps and chimps coming out of humans?

If Evolution happens, what do fish evolve into?

Evolution is Pokemon's thing.
Stupid, eh? You haven't heard anything yet.

When i asked him if he was serious (you never know if these types of comments are atheists making fun of creationist argument), he said.
Try living in the arctic and see if you grow fur.
Try living in the desert and see if your body adapts to it.
Try living in a volcano and see if you can withstand being boiled alive.

With your dumb theory I would grow fur, I would be able to withstand heat and withstand being boiled alive.
Besides being a ridiculously stupid argument the thing that really angers me with these people is how they expect to hold an opinion regarding the validity of a science when don't even understand what the science is claiming.

It wouldn't be too bad if they admit that their beliefs are based on bronze age dogma and creation myths and stop pretending they have come to an informed conclusion after studying all the evidence.


  1. what they always do is ignore all the evidence supporting evolution and then make up stupid arguments against it. it's the equivalent of pointing to a plane and claiming the "theory" of gravity isn't true.

  2. There was a time when I worried about their intelligence, and I think I still should.

  3. It's kind of amusing that he tried to use an example of humans evolving to match their environments. That's something which is extremely well documented. Perhaps the most visible aspect of this is variations in skin colouration due to melanin content. Demonstrably directly related to the various climates and environments in which our ancestors lived.

  4. Maybe the fact that creationists have failed to evolve does somehow provide evidence against evolution. They are living proof that the least fit can survive and reproduce.

  5. I am a Christian, and I want nothing more than to have those two idiots shut their mouths.

    But basing a debate upon what these two guys say does not give full respect to the debate.

    The problem isn't evolution, evolution is easily illogical. The problem is the mindset of the atheist.

    An atheist is a walking question mark.

    This is what Dawkins was asked on Fox News, and many other interviews...

    Q: Why don't you believe in God?

    D: Because there is no scientific proof to show there is a God.

    later in the interview(s)

    Q: What would it take for you to believe that God exists?

    D: If the table started to fly and defy the laws of science, then I would say that there was at least some evidence for a God.

    The Problem,

    How can Dawkins or any other atheist argue that there is no scientific proof for God, and at the same time say that the only way they will believe in a God is if he breaks those same laws?

    The athiest only has a platform in the world today because the world has fallen away from any actual study of history and logic.


  6. Sounds to me like he said he didn't believe something because there was no proof, and then requested proof when asked what it would take to make him believe. Simple as that. It's only a problem for someone like you.

  7. I have also been banned from the digital point forum for 2 months, I saw you have been banned too after 4000 posts. I previously read you on the forums. I'm more insulting than you. But still in the past years I've been a member, I've never been banned, I'm sure there's a fucking believer as new mod there who uses his power to ban vocal attheists.
    In my case it could be understandable, but I only say things like stupid, fuck, etc. Not out of the ordinary and haven't been banned for that before. But you clearly expose arguments.

  8. Jesus rocks and you're going to burn in hell so suck that moron, you don't know what you're talking about. Maybe you should try reading the Bible.

  9. These kind of arguments come up , when the concepts of science are not very clear . They just read the first line of paragraph , which results in disastrous IQ .