June 10, 2009

Pastor Drake Prays For Obama's Death

I love how this vile low-life falls back on the common "hey, don't blame me, it's what my god wants", Which is generally the excuse the religious use to defend their abhorrent views.

June 06, 2009

Religious Bus Ads

The friendly atheist blog has a nice post where readers are encouraged to come up with ads the religious could use on their bus ads.

My suggestions were.
“we have no way of knowing if there is a god, but if there is, we are certain we have picked the right one out of the thousands invented”.

“religion; you better believe it because it’s the easiest way we have of making you do as we say”

“hate gays? Religion gives you a socially acceptable excuse for being a bigot”

what are your suggestions?

June 04, 2009

Loophole Allows Gays To Marry

Those pesky gays and their agenda to devalue heterosexual marriage!

May 30, 2009

Bill Donohue Calls Child Rape Victims "Gold Diggers"

In an outrageous radio interview the sweaty, bloated face leader of the catholic league, Bill Donohue, denies that child abuse occurred in Ireland, called the victims "gold diggers" and then tried to trivialise the scandal by bitching about how protestants weren't investigated and how we always pick on the poor little catholics.

This man is a seriously nasty piece of work and I'm frankly disgusted that catholics allow this fat shit to speak for them.

Catholics; Grow some balls, develop some integrity and exercise this morality you keep telling us about and publicly oppose everything this man says. Or would you rather, as you normally do, tow the party line and try to cover it up?

May 20, 2009

Richard Dawkins - The Greatest Show On Earth

Richard Dawkins new book The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution is available to pre-order from amazon now and is due to be released Sept 29th.

The book was initially going to be titled "just a theory?", which is a good title. But i think "the greatest show on earth" is better and really does sum up how fascinating evolution is.

So go and pre-order your copy of The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution now!

Galactic Centre Of Milky Way Rises Over Texas Horizon

This is a nice video showing the centre of the milky way rise up over the horizon as seen from Texas.

U.S Military Burn Bibles

Military personnel threw away, and ultimately burned, confiscated Bibles that were printed in the two most common Afghan languages amid concern they would be used to try to convert Afghans, a Defense Department spokesman said Tuesday.

The unsolicited Bibles sent by a church in the United States were confiscated about a year ago at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan because military rules forbid troops of any religion from proselytizing while deployed there, Lt. Col. Mark Wright said.

Such religious outreach can endanger American troops and civilians in the devoutly Muslim nation, Wright said.

"The decision was made that it was a 'force protection' measure to throw them away, because, if they did get out, it could be perceived by Afghans that the U.S. government or the U.S. military was trying to convert Muslims," Wright told CNN on Tuesday.

I smiled knowing how outraged the christian right will be.

May 17, 2009

Top 10 Craziest Child Preachers

Even grown ups with invisible friends must admit this shit is not normal and these kids parents are absolute filth.

May 15, 2009

Scientists Create Life - God Not Required

An elegant experiment has quashed a major objection to the theory that life on Earth originated with molecules of RNA.

John Sutherland and his colleagues from the University of Manchester, UK, created a ribonucleotide, a building block of RNA, from simple chemicals under conditions that might have existed on the early Earth.

The feat, never performed before, bolsters the 'RNA world' hypothesis, which suggests that life began when RNA, a polymer related to DNA that can duplicate itself and catalyse reactions, emerged from a prebiotic soup of chemicals.

"This is extremely strong evidence for the RNA world. We don't know if these chemical steps reflect what actually happened, but before this work there were large doubts that it could happen at all," says Donna Blackmond, a chemist at Imperial College London.
Now of course this doesn't necessarily mean this is exactly how it happened, but it does prove one thing; It proves that for a self replicating molecule - life - to form a magical man in the sky is not required. You just need the right chemicals, the right conditions and they can do it all by themselves.

So i wonder what dark corner the peddlers of the god of the gaps fallacy will relegate their god to now?


May 14, 2009

God Is Not Great - The Movie

I have just finished watching an interview Christopher Hitchens done on CBC's The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos in which Hitchens mentioned that he is planning to do a full length documentary film called "God is not great", based on his book of the same name, in which he will "go to the counties where the parties of god are throwing their weight around" and "go through the holy books showing that they are full of contradictions".

When Stroumboulopoulos asked if it was going to be an angrier version of the Bill Maher documentary "religulous" Hitches responded with "No, funnier..."

I think this film will be a welcomed addition to the atheist movies. First we had Dawkins' "root of all evil" which looked at the politics of religion, then we had Maher's "Religulous" which pointed out how wacky this religious stuff is and now we need to Hitchens to pitch up, tear religion a new arse hole and leave it rotting in the curb.

May 12, 2009

Prayer Explained By "Scientists" Using Made Up Bollocks

If you, like me, have wondered exactly how prayer is supposed to work you are in luck. Some stupid morons over at Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) have it all figured out. Now i know their numbers may appear to have been pulled out of thin air, but rest assured, their name has "science" in it, so I'm sure it's all above board, carefully researched and i expect them to release their data for peer-review any time soon, so look out for that in your favorite science journal.

Another Child To Die Because Of His Parents Primitive Superstitions

Daniel Hauser has what doctors consider one of the most curable types of cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma.

But the 13-year-old and his parents don't want him to have chemotherapy and radiation, the standard treatments. For the past three months, they have ignored the advice of his cancer specialists and turned to natural therapies, such as herbs and vitamins, instead.

Daniel, one of eight children, has asserted that treatment would violate his religious beliefs. The teenager filed an affidavit saying that he is a medicine man and church elder (at 13) in the Nemenhah, an American Indian religious organization that his parents joined 18 years ago.

James Olson, the Brown County attorney, has filed a petition accusing Daniel's parents, Colleen and Anthony Hauser, of child neglect and endangerment, and he has asked a judge in New Ulm to order the boy into treatment.

I wouldn't let these irresponsible parents look after a wooden spoon, let alone a sick child. I wish James Olsen the best of luck in his attempt to prevent them letting their son needlessly die.

May 09, 2009

There Is An Evangelical Cancer In The Military

Bill Maher talks on his show about the religious right infiltrating the US army to create "military missionaries". These assholes are turning an unjust war into a religious crusade by passing out bibles, comics showing Mohammad burning in hell and wearing t-shirts which read "this is a crusade".

May 07, 2009

VenomFangX Gets Owned Again... This Time By His Parents

The epic crash and burn cycle continues for venomfangx, the poster boy for creationist stupidity. we have already had him defeated by countless supporters of evolution, he was then forced to make a humiliating apology online to thunderf00t after committing the crime of filing false DMCA claims and now this; His mum and dad have made him take his site offline LOL

April 25, 2009

Cheesy Jesus Appears To Dumb Christian

Ok this settles it, Christians are morons.

Pastor Has Disabled Man Murdered For Insurance Money

A Baltimore pastor who worked with developmentally disabled people was charged Friday with befriending a blind and disabled man in his care, then paying a hit man $50,000 in church funds for an execution so he could collect life insurance money.

Police say Kevin Jerome Pushia, 32, who worked for four months as an operations manager for the Arc of Baltimore before abruptly quitting in January, confessed to plotting to kill Lemuel Wallace.

Pushia told police he persuaded Wallace and "numerous" other mentally challenged individuals to list him as a beneficiary on insurance policies.

A terse notation in Pushia's planning calendar for Feb. 5, the day after Wallace was found dead in a Leakin Park bathroom stall from multiple gunshot wounds to the head and back, reads: "L.W. project completed," police said.

Feel free to link to this the next time a xian claims our morality is derived from religion.

April 14, 2009

Famous Youtube Christian, Tony48219, Murders 20 Year Old Girl

For anyone who has seen Anthony Powell's (aka Tony48219) videos on youtube it's apparent that the man was suffering from a serious mental illness. He would often rant incoherently about the virtues of his christian life, evolution and the immorality, anger and stupidity of atheists, and rarely got through a sentence without uttering numerous expletives. His hatred for women was also apparent in one video entitled "black women don't deserve respect" where he tells women to be obedient and submissive to their "kings".

Nobody, apart from "liz" on FSTDT, thought that his mental instability and hatred for women would lead to the events which unfolded on Friday, April 10 2009, when Anthony Powell, 28, took a gun to Henry Ford Community College and murdered 20 year old student Asia McGowan before killing himself.

I don't think Anthony Powell's religion caused him to become a murderer, instead i think his delusions lead him to be a christian, and his hatred and mental illness caused him to be a murderer. Despite the fact that the christians on youtube are frantically trying to distance themselves from this as if the only important thing here is the reputation of their silly little cult.

Good job for Anthony Powell his god was imaginary, otherwise he would be in a lot of trouble right now.

April 13, 2009

Bishop Of Aston Demands We Abide By His Religions Rules

"waa waa, stop playing football on our special zombie man day" was the demand coming from numerous religious fanatics intent on forcing everyone else to abide by their rules this easter.

In a letter sent to Richard Scudamore, CE of the premiership, the Bishop of aston said
In rearranging this fixture in this manner you show disdain for the religious traditions of this country, and the sensitivities of many employees and football supporters.
Well, bish, listen up and listen carefully. shove your traditions and shove your sensitivities. If you don't want to watch football on easter then don't, but don't you dare try to prevent me, or anyone else, from doing something based on your primitive cults rules and your imagined laws. YOUR RULES APPLY ONLY TO YOU.

the bish tried to veil his demands in the guise of a soggy "won't somebody please think of the elderly!" plea by claiming
Often the elderly or infirm, who make a special effort to attend church on Easter Sunday, are placed at risk due to the crowds.
well which is it? Should we not have football because of "religious sensitivities" or should we not have football because the elderly don't like crowds? Or is it, as i suspect, that you think we should just do as your religion demands and are now looking for a reason to make us?

April 10, 2009

Obama: The Next Best Thing To An Atheist President

There is no denying that Obama is a "man of faith", but as a responsible president intent on upholding the constitution - something which the religious right always claim to be in favour of - He is the next best thing to an atheist president regarding his position on the separation of church and state and his unwillingness to introduce public policy forcing people to abide by a particular religions rules.

America, despite being continuously and wrongly called a christian nation, is still the only nation on the planet to have it's secular status written into it's constitution, and Obama, thankfully, understands the implications of this and understands that a president, regardless of his personal beliefs, is responsible for an entire nation and their well being, not just the majority and their imagined rules.

In his short time in office i have been impressed with Obama regarding his attitude to those who don't ascribe to his beliefs.

I was impressed with his talk about why government needs to be secular, calling the sermon on the mount "a passage so radical, it's doubtful our own defence department would survive it's application".

I am impressed with his plans to rescind Bush's conscience clause, a law permitting medical practitioners to refuse treatment to people on religious grounds.

I'm impressed with him sending invitations to the white house Easter egg roll to families lead by homosexual couples.

I'm impressed that every time he talks about religious groups he acknowledges the fact that atheists exist and that he has to accommodate them too.

I'm impressed by his reversal of legislation prohibiting federal funding being used on stem cell research, legislation introduced because a bunch of radicals assume that every cell has a soul.

Do i agree with everything Obama has done? No. But as long as his motivation is not a religious one i can't help but respect the method he uses to make his decisions.

Muslim Woman Confessed To Beating Baby To Death, Guess What Offended Islam

You'd think that if someone confessed to beating a two year old child to death over four days leaving her with 55 separate injuries from head to toe there would be anger over the death and anger towards the person responsible. Not in Islam there isn't. In Islam, like usual, they have ignored the heinous crime of infanticide, ignored the fact that a child was systematically abused to death and instead focused their feigned outrage, like the perpetual cry baby victims that they are, towards the fact that this poor baby murderer had to take her rags off when having her mugshot taken.

Apparently not concerned about this child's death and the fact that his wife had confessed to killing her niece, Alaeddin Hadid, husband of the baby murderer Nour Hadid, said Orland Park police are "really going to be in big trouble" for releasing the photo of the confessed murderer to the press. Not as much trouble as your wife is in, pal.

Alaeddin added "It is against our religion; we do not do this in our culture". Obviously talking about removing the hijab, not about killing babies.

April 09, 2009

Metzitzah - Sucking A Childs Mutilated Penis For God

We all know about the systematic sexual abuse of children within the Abraham faiths. It's so widespread one could be forgiven for thinking they were invented specifically as sadistic paedophile rings in which filthy old men can rape children. We have mohammad, the illiterate bronze scumbag who married and raped a child of 9, we have catholicism which has paid out literally billions of dollars to victims of rape by these so called "men of god" and in judaism we have the little known practice of Metzitzah.

For those who don't know, Metzitzah is the practice of sucking a freshly circumcised penis of a child to, allegedly, "clean the wound". That's right. They take a razor blade to a 8 day old child's penis, slice off the bits god, in his wisdom, doesn't like and then proceed to suck it.

Now it's easy to right this off as just another one of them wacky religious rituals, but the gravity of this procedure can't really be understand unless we think about what is being done. Something which, if done for any reason besides religion, would mean you get sent to a mental institution indefinitely.

If someone can think of anything, other than religion, which could justify mutilating a week old babies penis and then sucking it id love to hear it.

related: penis sucking rabbi gives child herpes

Another Lying "Christian" Exposes Himself - It's Rick Warren, Again.

If you are going to be a liar you should 1) have the brains to not get caught by exposing yourself on national TV and 2) not claim you believe in an invisible man who dislikes liars.

Rick Warren apparently doesn't understand this concept. He is one of those liars who is both incompetent and a hypocrite.

Whilst on Larry King Rick "liar" Warren made the following statement;
During the whole Proposition 8 thing, I never once went to a meeting, never once issued a statement, never--never once even gave an endorsement in the two years Prop 8 was going.

Apparently completely oblivious to the fact that he had previously issued a statement instructing his flock how to vote on prop 8. In this video you can see him, contrary to what he claimed on Larry King, Saying "let me say this very clearly. we support proposition 8, and if you believe what the bible say about marriage you need to support proposition 8"

March 22, 2009

Christian Integrity - Lying for jesus

Someones pants are on fire! They are Chris Fox's!

After a long day of preaching about the virtues of faith based morality and the immorality of the godless how could a christian pastor relax? Well, for one such baptist pastor, Chris Fox, he decided his time would be best spent going to an atheist blog, unreasonable faith, and pretending to be an atheist while spouting some of the most vile opinions i have ever heard.

See, when the mentally defective are unable to defend their own position what they like to do is misrepresent the position of their opponent, it's called a strawman argument. and when the intellectually dishonest are unable to defend their own position they like to lie, pretend they are their opponent and misrepresent their views just so later they can point to their own fabricated post and shriek "look, i told you they were immoral!".

On this one occasion this so called "christian" decided that all atheists must be in favour of killing babies and decided he would pretend to be an atheist and make the following post;
What’s wrong with killing babies? I see no problem with it. I have enough mouths to feed. I don’t get the argument and I am an atheist. Since I don’t believe in God, I don’t believe in anything characterized as good, bad / right, wrong. So, what’s the big deal?

Despite being a low-life, deceitful, sinister, lying hypocrite Chris fox has also admitted to the more heinous crime of being a potential baby killer, should his faith ever fade.

what the religious don't understand is that by admitting that right and wrong can only be identified in line with their particular god they are essentially admitting that the only reason they don't "kill babies" is because they believe an invisible man is watching them. Which is probably the most immoral reason for doing good ever conceived.

Since the post was made Chris Fox had made an apology, well, they usually do after they are caught. I wonder if the apology would have been so forthcoming had the lie remained between him and his invisible friend? probably not... You aren't sorry for being a deceitful liar Chris, you are sorry that you got caught.

It makes one wonder if they actually believe in this shit any more than i do, Because hardly any of them abide by the standards they routinely demand for the rest of us.

March 06, 2009

Are You An Atheist Blogger? READ THIS!

A while ago i grabbed the corank subdomain "atheism" but didn't get a chance to promote it.

For those who don't know, corank is a bit like digg in the sense that stories and links are submitted by users and then voted on. The most popular get promoted and bring a lot of traffic.

So i'm hoping that if we all kind of work together we can help each other increase our readerships and at the same time create quite a nice atheism portal which would help us bloggers see what is popular in the "atheospere" and which subjects are in need of having an opinion expressed at them.

You can see the front page (which is quite bare at the moment) here. And here is a page detailing how bloggers should link to corank in order to have sites submitted. You can also submit links manually or easily create a bookmark which can be clicked whenever you are at a page you like.

You can simply link your articles by including the following code somewhere in your page in plain sight (to get most votes). If your story has not yet been submitted the first person to click it will get the opportunity to submit it, or else a click will count as a vote. (see mine at the top of the right hand column)

<a style="font-weight: bold;"
href="javascript:void(location=('http://atheism.corank.com/submit?url='+encodeURIComponent(document.location)+'&amp;title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title)+'&amp;source=k'));">Vote for this

If you use a blogger blog, create a new gadget, select text or javascript and paste it in.

So i encourage you all, bloggers and readers, to start submitting and start voting. In case you are wondering, it;s fine to submit your own blogs and urge your readers to vote for you.

That link again atheism.corank.com

any question?

February 20, 2009

Top 10 Arguments Against Evolution (and why they are wrong)

Irreducibly complex system exist which could not have evolved - This one was actually proven in a court of law to be false. Systems termed "irreducibly complex" are only irreducibly complex in their present form. But as long as at all stages it proved to be beneficial, Even slightly, Then the mechanisms would be retained, even if along the way, at different stages, it didn't resemble, or even perform the same function, as it presently does.

Ken miller explained this using the mousetrap. Behe said the bacterial flagellum was irreducibly because, like a mouse trap, if one part was removed it failed to perform it's function. ken miller shot this argument to pieces by wearing a mouse trap with only 3 parts as a tie clip to court. Does it's perform the function of a mousetrap? No. Does it perform a function which could be selected for and considered "beneficial"? yes.

Evolution is not testable - Every new fossil dug up, every genome sequenced, every new species discovered, every new simulation run is a test of evolutionary theory. If what we discover doesn't fit in with what evolution predicts then evolution is wrong. In the 150 years it has been around not a single new discovery, Including DNA and genomes which weren't even known of in Darwin's time, Has told us anything other than what we would expect to find if evolution were a fact. They all end up telling us the exact thing which we would expect to be true if evolution was a fact. The EXACT thing we would expect.

To prove it wrong just discover something which should not be true if evolution is right. I'll help you: The gene for feathers in humans or a chicken in the Precambrian.

There is evidence against evolution - No there isn't. There are poorly understood, fallacious arguments which are parroted, But not a single discovery which should not be true if evolution is a fact. Like i said, Find something which invalidates evolution, like the gene for feathers in humans of a Precambrian chicken; something beyond the flawed probability arguments and baseless assumptions. Find us something real, something tangible, Which should not exist if evolution were true.

Evolution has not been observed - At all levels evolution has been physically observed. Everything from new bio-synthetic pathways and speciation to variations of features in a population due to natural selection.

Even in the short time humans have been here we have changed, through selection, wolves into dogs and teosinte in to corn and we have caused the emergence of pesticide resistant insects and even the formation of a bacteria which eats nylon, something which has only existed for 50 years. Even the humble banana which ray comfort claimed was the "atheists nightmare" only exists because we cultivated it. Humans invented the banana through selection. This is what a wild banana, ya know, the one your god made, looks like.

All mutations are bad - Most mutations actually have no effect and sit happily in the genome not causing any problems. Every person is born with around 200 mutations. We all have 200 genes not found anywhere in our lineage. Some are bad, granted, But those organisms generally die off and so the mutation isn't propagated. The good ones, like a mutation that causes thicker hair growth in cold climates, rapidly propagate throughout the species. Examples of good mutations can be seen in antibiotic resistant bacteria, pesticide resistant insects of drug resistant HIV. Sure they suck for us, But for the organism concerned, they are beneficial mutations.

The probability of cells spontaneously forming is too low - Cells, like all life, Slowly evolved. The first cell was nothing at all like the cells we find in modern day organisms. The first cell would have been nothing but a self replicating molecule, And we have created those in a lab.

No transitional fossils have ever been found - This argument is so weak and out of date even the mouthpiece of young earth creationism, AIG, warns it's follows not to use it. The fact is we have enough transitional fossils to tie together all the species in the class of eumetazoa. We even have transitional forms alive today. Cut open a snake and you'll find a pelvis, a whale and you'll find vestigial legs. Even humans have a vestigial flaps in their eyes which are remnants from reptiles (if you want to see it it's right near your tear duct) and smaller mammals (the tiny lump on your outer ear). we even have about half a dozen pre-human hominid fossils depicting our own evolution since we departed from the branch which lead to chimps, gorillas and baboons.

Speciation has never been observed - Another which AIG advises it's followers don't use. Speciation has been observed in everything from flies to plants. Search "observed speciation" for countless of documented examples.

Evolution violates the 1st law of thermodynamics - Evolution does not operate within a closed system and as such is not subject to the laws of thermodynamics.

Evolution violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics - Same as above, plus; The increase of complexity gained by evolution comes at the cost of the decrease of order of the sun. As the sun "dies" the energy expended comes to earth and is used by organisms to grow.

A denial of evolution - however motivated - is a denial of evidence, a retreat from reason into ignorance; Dr Tim D White

inspired by cdk007

February 04, 2009

Infallibility Of Pope Questioned By Cardinal

A part of the dogma of Catholicism is the infallibility of the pope, The idea that the pope is preserved from even the possibility of error.

So when the pope decide to end the excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson, The Holocaust denying Bishop, One would expect catholics to accept it. After all, The pope is "infallible", Isn't he? But what actually happened is they were almost unified in their condemnation (which is nice of them).

Even within the ranks there was descent with Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, The leader of the roman catholic church in England, Sending a letter to Dr Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi, saying the pope had done "great damage" with his "imprudent" remarks.

The Cardinal, in his letter, went on to say: "I am writing to express my dismay at the effect of the Vatican decree... Specifically I naturally deplore the comments made by the Englishman, Rev Williamson, in his denial of the full horror of the Holocaust. His statement and views have absolutely no place in the Catholic Church and its teaching."

So are catholics starting to question the authority of the pope? And does the pope harbour views he may been taught whilst he was in the Hitler youth.

Holy Communion, The Movie

Ritualistic, symbolic, human cannibalism anybody?

At least the director of the films left out the abuse of young boys, which is more than can be said for Catholicism.

February 03, 2009

Alternative Expelled Movie Poster

This, while being a parody, accurately describes the theme and motives of the recently forgotten and critically shit upon creationist propaganda movie Expelled: no intelligence required allowed, Which in turn is a perfect demonstration of the dishonesty, quote mining and fabrications of the "ID" movement.

I don't know who made this (if you know tell me and ill link to them) but i got it from defence of reason who in turn got it from PZ's blog.

February 02, 2009

Probably The Dumbest Creationist Argument Ever

On a forum i frequent they have a "politics and religion" section and it is brimming with creationist fundies, muslim fanatics and born again assholes. yeah, great fun.

Though most of the fundies have learned their lesson and don't try to debate evolution any more, we sometimes get the odd cretin who doesn't know the score come in and start parroting the creationist bullshit he has heard on a Kent Hovind (convicted fraudster) creationist propaganda video.

On the odd occasion, when one of these idiots ventures into unfamiliar water and tries to conjure an original thought, we get something quite spectacular. Spectacular in the sense of; wow, that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard.

Yesterday one such moron made this argument against evolution.
Despite your evolution approach, its still yet a theory.

If Evolution happens, how come we don't see humans coming out of chimps and chimps coming out of humans?

If Evolution happens, what do fish evolve into?

Evolution is Pokemon's thing.
Stupid, eh? You haven't heard anything yet.

When i asked him if he was serious (you never know if these types of comments are atheists making fun of creationist argument), he said.
Try living in the arctic and see if you grow fur.
Try living in the desert and see if your body adapts to it.
Try living in a volcano and see if you can withstand being boiled alive.

With your dumb theory I would grow fur, I would be able to withstand heat and withstand being boiled alive.
Besides being a ridiculously stupid argument the thing that really angers me with these people is how they expect to hold an opinion regarding the validity of a science when don't even understand what the science is claiming.

It wouldn't be too bad if they admit that their beliefs are based on bronze age dogma and creation myths and stop pretending they have come to an informed conclusion after studying all the evidence.

January 30, 2009

Penis Sucking And Amputee Porn

... Good, Now i have your attention.

Like all good bloggers i keep a close eye on my visitor stats to see where my readers are coming from, who is linking to me and how they got here. Part of this obsession involves looking at referrals from search engines to find out what people have searched for before finding themselves here.

A few things have surprised me; like how well i rank for chimpanzee chromosome 13[search] or endogenous retrovirus prove evolution[search]. Now i know those phrases don't have much competition in terms of results, but i am up against some highly respected science journals, blogs and sites there. I think i rank well because both articles made the front page of digg and subsequently got a lot of backlinks.

The thing that has really surprised me though, and which i am less proud of, is how well i rank for penis sucking[search] and arm amputee porn[search].

Still, you never know, maybe someone somewhere will start out looking for amputee porn and end up becoming an atheist. That would really piss the christians off.

What, if any, funny, unrelated or outrageous search terms do people find your blog by?

Another "christian" Rapes A Child

A Canadian man who described himself as a pastor was sentenced Monday to five years in prison for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl he claims was his wife.

Daniel Cormier, 57, was convicted in October after members of the now-defunct Church of Downtown Montreal became suspicious of his relationship with the girl. Cormier, who led the church, has maintained he did nothing wrong when he married the girl, then 10 years old, in 1999 during a ceremony at his church.

"I would say that there's no remorse," prosecutor Anne-Andree Charette said outside the courtroom. "He just tried to find justifications." The girl, now 19, testified she was too young to grasp the concept of marriage but said she remembered the sexual abuse in vivid detail.

Cormier is currently on trial in another case where he is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl — also during his time as a pastor.

He denies the accusation.

Well well well, it's almost become "not news worthy" when one of these con-men abuses their position of trust to abuse a child. It's almost as if we have come to expect these people to have some kind of sexual depravity, or at least a sex life contradictory to what they preach to others

January 26, 2009

Who Would Send Sir David Attenborough Hate Mail? Christians, Of Course.

"They tell me to burn in hell and good riddance," Sir David said during an interview with the Radio Times about his latest documentary on Charles Darwin and natural selection.

This year marks two centuries since Darwin's birth and 150 years since the groundbreaking On the Origin of Species was published.

Telling the magazine that he was also asked why he did not give "credit" to the Lord, Sir David continued: "They always mean beautiful things like hummingbirds. I always reply by saying that I think of a little child in East Africa with a worm burrowing through his eyeball. The worm cannot live in any other way, except by burrowing through eyeballs. I find that hard to reconcile with the notion of a divine and benevolent creator."

He said: "It never really occurred to me to believe in God - and I had nothing to rebel against, my parents told me nothing whatsoever. But I do remember looking at my headmaster delivering a sermon, a classicist, extremely clever... and thinking, he can't really believe all that, can he? How incredible!"

Sir David also said it was "terrible, terrible" when creationism and evolution were taught in schools as equivalent, alternative perspectives. "It's like saying that two and two equals four, but if you wish to believe it, it could also be five... Evolution is not a theory; it is a fact, every bit as much as the historical fact that William the Conqueror landed in 1066."

Speaking about the relationship between people and the rest of nature, Sir David said: "People say to me: 'What is a mosquito for? They're no good for anything!', The basic notion that the world is our oyster, that we have domination over all things, that they are here for us..." Asked where that view comes from, Sir David replied: "The Bible, of course. Genesis, chapter one."

January 24, 2009

The Arrogance Of Christian Prayer

Christianity, While professing to be a religion of humility, is actually one of the most selfish, arrogant and narcissistic beliefs one could possibly hold.

On a regular basis christians claim that their god had answered their prayers and helped them get a raise, cured their dog of a trivial ailment or even, in what can be only described as ungratefulness, surgery which which was actually done by a dedicated professional who trained for years. Thank the surgeon you ungrateful asshole.

I was recently directed to a website where these so called "christians" post their answered prayers. let's have a look at what these parasites claim their god done for them - notice no amputees saying "thanks for the new leg, god!" and nobody saying "thanks for curing the 30% of pregnant women in Africa who are infected with HIV". Their god doesn't have time for crap like that, not with all the car keys he is helping people find, loans he is arranging and rental agreements he puts in place.
Praise the Lord for the mighty things he has done.Over the past year I have asked for prayer for the financial problems of my family. My son-in-law went back to work today and my sister that has been struggling with back problems and couldn't work ,has a part time job at home.
just a couple days ago i asked to be prayed for that i would find a home of my own for me and my kids ...i just signed a rental agreement for a 3 bedroom house in a nice area with a huge yard for my boys to play in
i was praying fr a raise , to reach my goals to get the raise, and to get a credit on my utility bill, and voila, god does answer prayers, Thanks be to God Jesus mary the angels saints and my mom for all blessings and intervention. these were truly miracles
please pray that God's doors of prosperity are opened to Jacquie, Brady, Harry, Ritchie and Erin. I ask prayers that funds will come erin by the end of January 2009. I also ask that Jacquie's house be fixed, Harry find a job and Brady have no more car problems and be surrounded with happiness and good fortune thank you
Thank you GOD for allowing me the chance to start over. Thank you for helping me to get my drivers license and for sending me the money I needed to pay my bills this month.
thanks to the almighty Lord for getting a loan sanctioned for me at the time of need
By now you should get the picture. These so called "christians" mostly pray for money, For themselves. Anyone with even a shred of decency would be too ashamed to make it known that they pray for such selfish, trivial things.

I looked for some time over these "answered prayers" and didn't see a single one that couldn't be described as selfish and trivial.

January 23, 2009

Pope Gets Youtube Channel

Pope Benedict, you know the guy, ex-hitler youth, is set to become one of the oldest youtube "celebs" after setting up the Vatican channel, phew, finally.

The channel is to feature daily video clips, each of about 2 minutes long, showing the behind the scenes life of the world richest con-man (oh joy) and sermons (yay).

I hope the first video is explaining how the move to internetify (it's a word) catholicism fits in with the Vatican's previous condemnation of the internet.

Muslim Says: Beat Women Who Wont Let You Rape Them

A Melbourne Islamic cleric has told his male followers they can force their wives to have sex and hit them if they are disobedient.

Coburg's self-styled cleric, Samir Abu Hamza, said despite Australian rape laws it was impossible for a man to rape his wife even if she refused to have sex with him.

"If the husband was to ask her for a sexual relationship and she is preparing the bread on the stove she must leave it and come and respond to her husband, she must respond" Mr Hamza told his male followers on the video sermon.

He then went on to describe how men should respond to a disobedient wife by saying "After you have advised them [not to be disobedient] for a long, long time then you smack them, you beat them" and that "This is just to shape them up, shape up woman"

When asked to explain his views Mr Hamza, In predictable fashion, Blamed the "zionist media".

cue the excuses from my little muslim readers.

(by the way, Don't bother telling me it's "unislamic", Not unless you are first going to tell Mr Hamza, the cleric concerned, how it's unislamic. All i'm concerned with is the fact that this filthy piece of shit is advising muslims men in a civilised country to rape and beat women.)

January 22, 2009

Church Tells Flock To Sit In A Cupboard

Recognising that their flock mostly consists of socially inept, mentally ill loners the church of England has published a book telling it's followers to create a "prayer den" in the cupboard under the stairs and instructs them (adults!) to sit in it when life gets too much.

In the book called Love Life Live Lent, which gives worshippers ideas for how to mark the 40-day period before Easter, believers are told about the "stress of modern life" and given ideas about how to create a sanctum of solice. Three of the suggestions are sitting in the cupboard under the stairs (which is probably the creepiest thing i have ever heard), Sitting on a shelf or creating "prayer den" using "furniture and blankets" (something which i believe 5 year olds refer to as "a fort").

Followers are also instructed to decorate them with "pebbles, shells and feathers" (why?)

A part of my loves the idea of going round someones house and seeing them get in a cupboard, sitting on a shelf or peeking out of their little fort, Just for comedy value.

Tell me I'm not the only one who finds this infantile and creepy.

Obama: First President Not To Swear On The Bible

After the initial cock-up on Inauguration day where Chief Justice John Roberts tripped over what is arguably the most important collection of words in American history - prompting Obama to do the same - it was decided that the oath should be taken again. This time behind closed doors amidst a select few reporters and officials in the white house map room.

The retaking of the oath went without a hitch and Obama was successfully sworn in, a second time, as president of the United States Of America. But this time he done it without his left hand on the bible.

Obviously this is not that much of a big deal and the second taking of the oath was just, as the white house lawyer put it, "out of the abundance of caution". But it is refreshing to see that Obama doesn't attach much important to religious pomp and ceremony.

it is not known if "so help me god" was crow-barred in at the end like it usually is which renders an otherwise poetic and powerful oath jitterly and awkward.

January 19, 2009

Study Finds Church Goers Least Honest And More Likely To Steal

For a long time i have suspected that those who profess to have some kind of enhanced morality are probably the most deceitful, and now i have a study to back up my suspicions. Not that i have ever needed a study to support my theory

In the latest study measuring honesty, researchers in Austria set up an experiment in which people were able to buy a news paper by dropping money in to a box and taking a newspaper. The newspapers were hung beneath the box in a plastic bag and there was nothing physically stopping people taking a paper without depositing the 60c required.

What the researchers did was put one newspaper in the bag and waited for someone to take it. if the person deposited some money the box was emptied and the money counted. The person was then stopped further up the street and asked to participate in an interview in which they were asked questions without being told that the interview was in any way connected to the newspaper purchase. The amount they paid could then be cross referenced with the answers they gave in the interview.

Unsurprisingly most people didn't pay the 60c asked for and the average paid was only 26c, But it gets really interesting when we start looking at how much below the average was paid by people of different groups. Shockingly, well, not that shockingly, those who professed to being a "church goer" paid on average 22.13c less than the average of 26c, which works out at only 3.77c each, 56.33c less than the asking price of 60c.

I don't know their god calls it, But i call it theft and a demonstration that they are either utter hypocrites or don't actually believe in this god shit any more than i do.

[HT: friendly atheist]

MPs Want To Ban Atheist Bus Advert

I woke up today thinking i had been transported to Iran as i read the news that British MPs are trying to have the atheist bus poster which says "there's probably no god" banned on the grounds that it may make christians and muslims feel "embarrassed and uncomfortable" (grow a pair and deal with it you sniveling cry-babies).

I thought Britain prided it's self on it's freedom of speech? I thought we lived in a country where people were allowed to have different views, and voice those views. Or is it as i suspect, and how it usually is with the religious, that people can only voice views if they are the same views as the religious.

Here is a list of MPs abusing their position in order to censor descent.

Gregory Campbell - campbellg@parliament.uk
Bob Spink - spinkr@parliament.uk
Sir Nicholas Winterton - mcatory@btconnect.com
Jim Dobbin - Unknown
David Drew - Unknown
Ann Cryer - Unknown
Marsha Singh - Unknown
Lee Scott - scottle@parliament.uk
David Simpson - davidsimpson@upperbannd.u.p.co.uk
Ann Winterton - annwintertonmp@parliament.uk

The time when religious views are given specials concessions has to come to an end. If christian groups can advertise a website which states that disbelievers will burn in hell why on earth can't atheists have one that says it probably wont happen?

A part of me wants the atheist bus advert banned, Either by the advertising standards authority on the grounds that the claims can't be proven or by wishy-washy MPs on the grounds that it may offend - Imagine the leverage that kind of president would give us. We would practically be able to outlaw religion overnight.

People opposing this advert are treading on very thin ice and they should be very careful when it comes to their reasons for opposing it, Or they may find the same logic coming back and biting them on their arse.

Thanks to nullifidian

January 16, 2009

Christian Refuses To Drive Atheist Bus

Ron Heather, a 62 year old christian driver for the First bus operator, Downed tools and went home this week after flat out refusing to do what he is being paid for and drive a bus which happened to have the atheist bus poster declaring "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life" on the side.

He told his managers that the bus advert went against his faith. Shame his faith plays a bigger role than his work ethic or sense of duty.

Mr Heather, While no doubt stamping his feet and foaming at the mouth, said "There would be no way buses would be able to drive around with an anti-Muslim message like that on the side mentioning Allah. There would be uproar" while being completely oblivious to the fact that allah is included in this message and it is in no way specifically about his particular god. Why do the religious always assume atheism singles them out?

The watchdog is now considering whether to investigate the campaign on the grounds that it is offensive, or that its central claim about God's existence cannot be substantiated, Which would be absolutely brilliant as it would allow atheist groups to challenge religious posters on the same grounds. I would love nothing more than religious organisations to be prevented from advertising on the grounds that their claims have no basis in reality.

The atheist bus campaign set out aiming to raise £5000 to put posters on a few buses in London, but after receiving great support and donations totalling £140,000 they were able to vastly scale up their efforts to raise awareness.

Hanne Stinson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association, which is running the campaign, said "I have difficulty understanding why people with particular religious beliefs find the expression of a different sort of beliefs to be offensive."

January 15, 2009

The Christian God Doesn't Like Themed Zoo Exhibits, Apparently

The Kansas City Zoo has received a complaint about Buddha statues in an Asian-themed area.

David Engle, of Overland Park, Kan., complained after visiting the zoo on Sunday. He said it's "phenomenal to me" that the zoo would put up two smiling statues of Buddha when "we can't have a cross or a nativity scene on public property." Engle, who said he is Christian, called the statues idolatry and "infuriating to God."

Despite being a cry baby and a hypocrite Engle has completely missed the point. Religious things are allowed on public property, For instance in museums, historical exhibits and, In this case, A themed zoo exhibition featuring animals indigenous to Asia. What isn't allowed is the promotion of religion.

January 10, 2009

Just Another "Theory"

The Worst Thing Ever Done In The Name Of Jesus

This is a clip from an L.A. public access show called the "Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show", in which two men who have absolutely no musical ability, and apparently not even a basic understanding of how a guitar works, are joined by a woman who is inspired to act like a stripper every-time she hears singing and two puppets who are spookily inanimate, even for puppets. Together they sing the lyrically bankrupt song "i love christmas" while being completely oblivious as to when their show is supposed to finish.

January 07, 2009

We All Agree Self-Harm Is A Result Of Mental Illness, Right?

"Self-harm develops when the child who has become attached to those who have inflicted pain and suffering maintains that attachment by inflicting pain on himself."

"self-harm behavior is usually regarded as symptomatic of serious mental illness, often associated with a history of childhood trauma such as abuse or neglect."

January 06, 2009

Religulous [full movie]

All 1 hour 40 minutes of Bill Maher's documentary "Religulous" in which he mocks, criticises and deconstructs primitive desert death cults and spells out, in plain English, what religion will ultimately do to humankind.

Man Of God Clutches Bible As He Gets 90 Years For Child Molestation

An Anaheim pastor, who had videotaped himself molesting a 13-year-old parishioner in a church office, cried and clutched a Bible behind his back Monday as he was led from a courtroom in handcuffs after pleading guilty to 34 felony sex counts.

Raul Rosas Hernandez, 44, was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Francisco Briseno to 90 years in prison after he admitted molesting four girls and one boy over a 10-year span beginning in 1996.

In an earlier court appearance several of this disgusting hypocrites congregation turned up to "support him". Hernandez cried and clutched his silly little book as the sentence was read out.

It was reported at one point in the tape showing him nude and molesting a child the phone rang and he had the cheek to answer it with the phrase "god bless you" and later went on to show him giving a sermon on blasphemy.

I am starting to come to the conclusion that these disgusting sub humans only take these jobs as a way to abuse children or hide their homosexuality.

If one were a member of a social club or political group with this much child abuse associated with it there would be outrage. when it's done by a "man of god", though, their fans turn up to show their support.

January 04, 2009

How Does The "Religion Of Peace" Respond To Criticism? With Threats Of Child Rape And Murder

As i was looking through some old videos made by Pat Condell, atheist and critic of islam, I heard him mention the feedback page on his website where he posts some of the more, Let's say, "fruity" responses he has gotten from some of the more hysterical primitives of islam.

So what do we expect from the "religion of peace"? Condolences? Good wishes? Forgiveness? nope, We get threats of murder and what can only be described as sadistic, paedophilic fantasies.

here is a selection of the comments left for pat by followers of the "religion of peace".
u son of a hoe ur mama shouldve aborted u when u were in her womb,if she hadnt and i waz alive dat time i would punched her right dere so u couldve died... FUCK UUUUUUU!!!!!

why don’t you come suck my big dick asshole i would like to rape your whole family too if u got one…you will rot in hell grandpa

why don't you kill yourself white bastard? or do you want me to do it?
do you have a white daughter to rape and molest?
or are you scared your number is decreasing you redneck?

u suck

you'll die a slow painful death you motherfucker. Assholes like you have
made us Muslims stronger. fuck u old bitch.

With all this fanatical ranting i'm surprised if they still find time to beat their wives or mutilate their children's genitals.

Now i expect muslims to post criticising not those of their number making such disgusting remarks, but me for highlighting it.

Religion of peace... yeah, right.