March 22, 2009

Christian Integrity - Lying for jesus

Someones pants are on fire! They are Chris Fox's!

After a long day of preaching about the virtues of faith based morality and the immorality of the godless how could a christian pastor relax? Well, for one such baptist pastor, Chris Fox, he decided his time would be best spent going to an atheist blog, unreasonable faith, and pretending to be an atheist while spouting some of the most vile opinions i have ever heard.

See, when the mentally defective are unable to defend their own position what they like to do is misrepresent the position of their opponent, it's called a strawman argument. and when the intellectually dishonest are unable to defend their own position they like to lie, pretend they are their opponent and misrepresent their views just so later they can point to their own fabricated post and shriek "look, i told you they were immoral!".

On this one occasion this so called "christian" decided that all atheists must be in favour of killing babies and decided he would pretend to be an atheist and make the following post;
What’s wrong with killing babies? I see no problem with it. I have enough mouths to feed. I don’t get the argument and I am an atheist. Since I don’t believe in God, I don’t believe in anything characterized as good, bad / right, wrong. So, what’s the big deal?

Despite being a low-life, deceitful, sinister, lying hypocrite Chris fox has also admitted to the more heinous crime of being a potential baby killer, should his faith ever fade.

what the religious don't understand is that by admitting that right and wrong can only be identified in line with their particular god they are essentially admitting that the only reason they don't "kill babies" is because they believe an invisible man is watching them. Which is probably the most immoral reason for doing good ever conceived.

Since the post was made Chris Fox had made an apology, well, they usually do after they are caught. I wonder if the apology would have been so forthcoming had the lie remained between him and his invisible friend? probably not... You aren't sorry for being a deceitful liar Chris, you are sorry that you got caught.

It makes one wonder if they actually believe in this shit any more than i do, Because hardly any of them abide by the standards they routinely demand for the rest of us.


  1. haha you f..kin dumbass, i hope you get hit by a church van tonight and you die slowly

  2. Amazing demonstration of the strawman argument, Brotha!
    A++, would use it to make christians on christian websites angry.

  3. I have never met an atheist who kills babies before!!! This is a first!

    To all the Christians out there - Please realize that he is just an imaginary friend, now start treating him that way.

    Same goes for all the muslims, mormans and witnesses and anybody else I left out who has an imaginary friend.

  4. I think 'lying' and 'jesus' go together like peanut butter and jelly.

  5. @sunnyskeptics - That's a good one!

  6. Good Christians should send their unwanted children to military school so they can learn to kill all the Muslim children. If the Muslims take control of the world, fewer people will eat pork and pigs will out number humans and leave us nothing to eat. Big, fat, mean pigs! It's scary.

  7. Religion looks bad from so many angles. And it makes me angry to know that religion exists. So suck on that, Chris Fox you pansy assed motherf*cker, you must just be sick with regret at the fact that you can't convince people to believe what you yourself don't even understand yet blindly accept as truth in exchange for a promise, handwritten by a human and rumored by word-of-mouth to be from a superpower creature, that you of all a**holes will be 'saved'. Sure, saved from the tiring effort of exploring truth... This is your personal hell which you yourself have created and the stress of resisting temptation when you aren't fully sure of your faith-- may surely cast a fire in your belly, one as discomforting as that which might be from, of course lol, another supernatural being haha. Life can seem unreal at times. Your own self can as well. You have no proof God exists. You have no proof that you're not currently IN Hell, nor proof that microscopic outerspace aliens haven't landed on Earth and inhabited your rectum. But both are true. Do you feel it yet??? THIS IS HELL you moron. LOL. You FAILED! but you don't remember it. God took away your memory of that world, as punishment. And I'm the lucky one who gets to inform you of this. you SNOBBY PRICK. Hmm, hmmm lets see, LMAO... Feel a little WARM all of a sudden? Life not working out ever so well? Feels like diarrhea coming on??? SINcerely, 666999666

  8. I learned a long time ago that a promise from a Christain will always be a lie. They talk a good game but will them lie/let you down and justify it by saying you should not trust MAN but Jesus.

    They can lie all the want in their minds because they will be forgiven.

    Not by me.

    Christians have already done enough damage in this world, especially to me and anything they say to me will not be believed.