June 06, 2009

Religious Bus Ads

The friendly atheist blog has a nice post where readers are encouraged to come up with ads the religious could use on their bus ads.

My suggestions were.
“we have no way of knowing if there is a god, but if there is, we are certain we have picked the right one out of the thousands invented”.

“religion; you better believe it because it’s the easiest way we have of making you do as we say”

“hate gays? Religion gives you a socially acceptable excuse for being a bigot”

what are your suggestions?


  1. I have One:
    "In view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human understanding, am able to recognise, there are yet people who say there is no God. What really makes me angry is that they quote me for the support of such views.

  2. @anonymous so your idea is an argument from authority. Is it even possible for you poeple to think in a way that isn't a logical fallacy?

  3. RobK I am not sure what you mean by 'you people' are you assuming that as I didn't put some condescending remark about religion that I am religious? Hmmm I think - is this not the pot calling the kettle black?. In Britain we had ads in the underground quoting Einstein his famous ' it was a lie what you read about my religion.....' etc. In a great example of how one group can missapropriate someone to their cause. With the quote I gave, it was a suggestion that religious people missapropriate that same person to their cause. Either way Einstein would have been appalled. Sorry for the logical fallacy but I think you misunderstood my post as being pro-theist so it was not an argument from authority I was using a common atheist/theist method of argument from missapropriation.

  4. This is treason, and he should go to jail. The man is sick. Not all religious people are like this, but they are more likely to be this way.

  5. Ads on a bus! Now that's an idea I can work with. Won't you be a faith partner so we can touch and agree on whether or not the $pirit wants me to have a bus ministry?

  6. mine
    If there is really a God go home look in the mirror and ask yourself why the fuck he would listen to your whinning shit, really think about it.

  7. "God is the explanation for everything unexplainable." "God is Creator of the universe and man." "God is Jesus." "God is a spark contained in each one of us." "God is a jealous moralist who judges our every move and punishes us." "God is love." --for every believer there is a loving Church that will gladly accept your donations.

  8. Tired of all the learning and thinking? Come to Church where you only need One Book. And we'll tell you what it means.

  9. Tired of wishy-washy democracy, and freedom gone too far? Our rules are absolute and unchanged for over 5000 years! Come to Church and we'll tell you exactly how to think!

  10. Hot day isn't it? Well it's nothing compared to the FIRES OF HELL where you will end up if you don't come to our Church THIS SUNDAY!!!

  11. "Religion: because thinking is hard!"
    "Religion and cemetaries: always room for one more."
    "Religion: the other white meat."

  12. "Fed up with personal responsibility for your actions? Become a Christian."
    "If you can't find a reason to justify your hating gays, Jews, blacks, muslims, women or just about anyone - turn to Christ - Validating genocide for 2000 years!"
    "Jesus Christ Almighty! Kill in my name - and all is forgiven!"
    "Islam - finally faith worth killing for."

  13. I'll give it a shot:

    "Religion grants the power of selective hearing."

    "Science doesn't need a scare tactic to get the point across."

    "It's ironic how religions war against each other to determine who's sky fairy is the most peaceful."

    "If atheism had prevailed long ago, the Twin Towers would still stand."

    "All wars begin with a religious doctrine."

  14. If you're so sure that there is no God then you should be happy in believing that in your own mind :)
    I am sure that there is a God and he is good, but I don't go round starting blog pages bitching about anyone else's views. I think you ought to grow up a lickle bit m' dear... bedtime soon for you I think.


  15. @mark .....and yet your posting on here? Maybe between the religous right's combination of:
    gay bashing
    athiest bashing
    intellectual bashing
    and well, anyone-who-doesnt-agree-with-them bashing
    we who have a similar opinion WANT somewhere to bitch. Theres certainly enough relgous sites who instead of just making jokes, they are talking about how we will burn in a fantistical absurd abstract of the evil side of the human condition.

  16. Even though a lot of your commenters are pro-religion, they are probably not up-to-date. Contiguous dimensional worlds were presumed in many of Jesus' statements, but only recently has that been noticed. There is a book, and debaters should read it so they can speak intelligently about the concept.
    It pleases me to let open-minded people know about new ways of pondering about the age-old questions. With the existence of 'Techie Worlds' (available at amazon.com) believers in Christianity can hold their views utilizing sound logic, clear thinking and a mechanistic view of worlds. Applying Flatland's concept of contiguous dimensional worlds, Trinity, Resurrection, Judgment and soul are sensible and mechanically viable beliefs. 'Techie Worlds' follows that rule of science by which individual details are tested for their conformity to the overarching hypothesis. Admittedly, agnostics may choose not to follow such obvious and sensible logic, but no longer can they denigrate believers for fuzzy thinking. Moslems and pagans who read and understand the sound logic of the Flatland concept must adopt the reasonable Trinitarian view. 'Techie Worlds' will make them abandon the ways of terror an adopt the way of love. Techie Worlds is not standard preacher-prattle. Only by reading it can you open your mind to its valid way of understanding Christianity

  17. FLAME WAR: go go go!!

    Come on, you guys are adults. I would expect this from people my age (under 23), but not from the "fine upstanding adults of America". Don't you have better things to do than start a flame war with a bunch of strangers over something that people have been arguing about since the dawn of time?

    Stop trying to make a statement and go let the dog out. He's been whining for half an hour.

  18. See also:

    "Go round", "then" (should be THAN, MARK, THAN), "lickle bit", and a cliche that makes him appear more "mature" than the person he is criticizing.

    I also might add the hypocrisy of him even typing that response and having it start out with "...THAN you should be happy in believing that in your own mind".


    Good job paying attention in high school, Mark. Work on your grammar before you ever open your worthless mouth again, you ignorant scum.

  19. "Free will means blind obedience or burn in hell."

    I also saw this one posted on another site:

    "Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings."

  20. This blog full of the hate against the Muslims, holocaust done by the Europeans, colonies done by Christians... and muslims has to pay for all those crimes in Palestine by the JEWISH, Irak, Afghanistan..just cause of a small groups created by the westerns.
    Justice to the Muslims.

  21. I am a Christian. True Christians don't hate and are not bigots. The Bible does not teach this. It teaches love and tolerance. God hates the sin, not the sinner.

  22. This should be fun!!!

    "Thank God I am an Atheist"

    "Does God Read? He Sure Can't Write!
    Read the Bible lately it Sucks"

    Which church do you attend? Dumb or Dumber

    If God is all powerful why does he need money?

    Evolution trumps Creationism at every turn.

    Pray for Science, we're gonna need it!!

    Faith a real word for an imaginary concept!

    Heaven, Hell, Eternity, Bullshit.

    The Blind can't See
    The Deaf can't Hear
    The Religious can't Think

    More to come...

  23. Jesus saves... and Lampard scores from the rebound!

  24. Anonymous.
    Your quote of Einstein in the first comment is fictitious. Einstein never said that.
    However, he did say:
    "The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish... . For me the Jewish religion like all other religions is an incarnation of the most childish superstitions. And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong and with whose mentality I have a deep affinity have no different quality for me than all other people"

    In this letter: http://www.bloomsburyauctions.com/detail/649/303.0 (sold for 17,000 GBP)

  25. interesting, this is a pro atheist web page however the only GOd under fire is THE GOD. isnt that ironic. well i have to say i do agree with alot that has been said on both side. I personally dont like religion and religion and church have one thing in common.... they both take you to hell. Only Jesus Saves. I pray for those that created this webpage and if youve never heard it before then i will say it, I love you people and i pray that Christ reveals Himself to you in His time.

  26. Love your children?
    So does your local priest!
    Let them join the church's friendly choir and experience that sacerdotal love!

  27. Religion.
    Teach your children how to hate!

  28. Zeitgeist the Movie, watch that all you bunch of Christ and Jesus loving wako's!

    Then join the zeitgeist movement to bring heaven on earth! I best of both worlds, no religion but its heaven!

  29. My turn!

    (Black and white) Do your women think they have rights?
    (color) Turn to God. He always knows what's breast!