October 31, 2007

Happy Pagan Mythology Day

.. or Halloween as it is usually called.

An interesting point was raised on the no god blog by Dave, That Halloween is the only American holiday that has no relationship to christianity. So i guess even though it's still a holiday based on mythology we should be grateful that it is a) nothing to do with christianity and b) it's pretty much occult.

Anyway, Have a good one and if you see any christians about be sure to put on your devil mask and scare the shit out of them.


  1. The 4th of July has no relation to christianity.

  2. Nor is Veterans Day, or Patriots Day, or Columbus Day, or Labor Day... I think you get my point

  3. Actually, Halloween does have a Christian connection. Halloween was formerly known as "All Hallow's Eve", preceding Nov. 1, which was all Hallow's day. This was a celebration in which the saints of the Church were recognized. Also, Halloween, an American holiday? Think again. It's actually a much bigger deal in Europe than in America.