July 12, 2008

Christian Pastor Taped Children Changing

Carrying on the tradition of church based paedophilia, youth pastor Matthew C. Porter made a plea of no contest in court regarding the charges of secretly taping girls as young as 12 getting changed. The youth pastor, A no doubt previously trusted member of society and a "man of god", Is to be sentenced on August 21st on 9 counts of voyeurism and faces up to 9 years in jail.

Some how the crime of secretly videoing children, obviously for sexual gratification, is only a misdemeanor in Florida.

Being a man of courage, and by no means a disgusting coward afraid of taking responsibility for his actions, Mr Porter tried to have the evidence, two years worth of footage he secretly took of children in the nude, Dismissed as he didn't give permission for his house to be searched. Way to take it like a man, Mr Porter. permission was given to police by his house sitter, A person who found the tapes and alerted police.

Now i expect a lot of christians to be on here now saying that this doesn't disprove the existence of god or prove that christianity is made up, and they are right, It doesn't. But it certainly proves that Mr Porter, A church leader, Doesn't believe in an invisible man in the sky who watches everything you do and eventually judges you on your actions. it proves that an authority in the church, someone who spent their life telling children that god exists, Doesn't really believe it. And that really has to dent it's credibility.

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  1. Are you surprised?

  2. i'm not defending him, but there's a flaw in your logic:

    "it proves that an authority in the church, someone who spent their life telling children that god exists, Doesn't really believe it."

    his beliefs don't necessarily have any bearing on his actions. christians "sin" all the time. they "know" they'll still be judged, but they do it anyway. they just go to confession. long ago, they would purchase "indulgences," or chuch-ordained forgiveness. nowadays when it gets bad enough, they become "born-agains."

  3. A get out of hell free card, hipocrites

  4. Anonymous, I find it very hard to believe that someone who believes in hell and god would secretly video children in the nude. And when they do video children in the nude it suggests to me that they don't really believe in an all knowing god and eternal punishment.

    Soitgoes, The only thing that surprised me is that this particular sexual predator targeted girls... I always thought boys were more the penchant of catholic leaders.

  5. well at least he isnt a fag LMAO!!!