April 13, 2009

Bishop Of Aston Demands We Abide By His Religions Rules

"waa waa, stop playing football on our special zombie man day" was the demand coming from numerous religious fanatics intent on forcing everyone else to abide by their rules this easter.

In a letter sent to Richard Scudamore, CE of the premiership, the Bishop of aston said
In rearranging this fixture in this manner you show disdain for the religious traditions of this country, and the sensitivities of many employees and football supporters.
Well, bish, listen up and listen carefully. shove your traditions and shove your sensitivities. If you don't want to watch football on easter then don't, but don't you dare try to prevent me, or anyone else, from doing something based on your primitive cults rules and your imagined laws. YOUR RULES APPLY ONLY TO YOU.

the bish tried to veil his demands in the guise of a soggy "won't somebody please think of the elderly!" plea by claiming
Often the elderly or infirm, who make a special effort to attend church on Easter Sunday, are placed at risk due to the crowds.
well which is it? Should we not have football because of "religious sensitivities" or should we not have football because the elderly don't like crowds? Or is it, as i suspect, that you think we should just do as your religion demands and are now looking for a reason to make us?


  1. Hi. I like your blog and read it often. But why don't you link back to original news items?

  2. i usually do. i have added the link now.

  3. Well said - silly dress wearing bishops need their hats shoved up their arses.