April 10, 2009

Obama: The Next Best Thing To An Atheist President

There is no denying that Obama is a "man of faith", but as a responsible president intent on upholding the constitution - something which the religious right always claim to be in favour of - He is the next best thing to an atheist president regarding his position on the separation of church and state and his unwillingness to introduce public policy forcing people to abide by a particular religions rules.

America, despite being continuously and wrongly called a christian nation, is still the only nation on the planet to have it's secular status written into it's constitution, and Obama, thankfully, understands the implications of this and understands that a president, regardless of his personal beliefs, is responsible for an entire nation and their well being, not just the majority and their imagined rules.

In his short time in office i have been impressed with Obama regarding his attitude to those who don't ascribe to his beliefs.

I was impressed with his talk about why government needs to be secular, calling the sermon on the mount "a passage so radical, it's doubtful our own defence department would survive it's application".

I am impressed with his plans to rescind Bush's conscience clause, a law permitting medical practitioners to refuse treatment to people on religious grounds.

I'm impressed with him sending invitations to the white house Easter egg roll to families lead by homosexual couples.

I'm impressed that every time he talks about religious groups he acknowledges the fact that atheists exist and that he has to accommodate them too.

I'm impressed by his reversal of legislation prohibiting federal funding being used on stem cell research, legislation introduced because a bunch of radicals assume that every cell has a soul.

Do i agree with everything Obama has done? No. But as long as his motivation is not a religious one i can't help but respect the method he uses to make his decisions.


  1. I can see it in the way Obama pronounces the word, "defense". "a passage so radical, it's doubtful our own defence department would survive it's application".

    Only a Pakistani Muslim living in London would pronounce it with a "c".

    You'd have to be crazy not to figure that out.

  2. Thought provoking.

  3. In my modest opinion , Obama is an atheist in the closet for obvious reasons .. C`mon , the guy has a 140 IQ ..