May 30, 2009

Bill Donohue Calls Child Rape Victims "Gold Diggers"

In an outrageous radio interview the sweaty, bloated face leader of the catholic league, Bill Donohue, denies that child abuse occurred in Ireland, called the victims "gold diggers" and then tried to trivialise the scandal by bitching about how protestants weren't investigated and how we always pick on the poor little catholics.

This man is a seriously nasty piece of work and I'm frankly disgusted that catholics allow this fat shit to speak for them.

Catholics; Grow some balls, develop some integrity and exercise this morality you keep telling us about and publicly oppose everything this man says. Or would you rather, as you normally do, tow the party line and try to cover it up?


  1. As a person who was born and raised in Ireland, this disgusts me. The catholic church in Ireland should be ashamed for their role in the sado masachistic abuse, both sexual and physical, that HAS happened in this country. I have heard so many stories,from my parents and family, of the abuse that they themselves suffered.
    My father told me of a christian brother in his school who would suddenly lash out and puck students as young as twelve in the face if they passed too near him in the corridor.He also told me of one of his friends who, after being cheeky in class (like we all have done when we were 13 years old) was followed out of the classroom afterwards and, when nobody was around to see, was thrown down 2 flights of stairs breaking both his legs in several places.
    So this is the kind of abuse that never really happened? The kind that Mr. O' Donohue thinks is exaggerated? Maybe he thinks that my mother was over reacting when she had to run away from a priest because he got a little 'handsy' with her as a child?
    Mr. O' Donohue spits in the face of people whose lives have been impacted, even shattered at the cruel sadistic hand of the 'one true holy catholic and apostlic church' and I hope one day he sees that


  2. He needs some humanization and possibly some therapy.

  3. He's a disgusting man.

  4. Bill Donohue is the living, breathing, definition of the professional victim. He embodies everything I came to loathe about the Catholic church.