May 14, 2009

God Is Not Great - The Movie

I have just finished watching an interview Christopher Hitchens done on CBC's The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos in which Hitchens mentioned that he is planning to do a full length documentary film called "God is not great", based on his book of the same name, in which he will "go to the counties where the parties of god are throwing their weight around" and "go through the holy books showing that they are full of contradictions".

When Stroumboulopoulos asked if it was going to be an angrier version of the Bill Maher documentary "religulous" Hitches responded with "No, funnier..."

I think this film will be a welcomed addition to the atheist movies. First we had Dawkins' "root of all evil" which looked at the politics of religion, then we had Maher's "Religulous" which pointed out how wacky this religious stuff is and now we need to Hitchens to pitch up, tear religion a new arse hole and leave it rotting in the curb.


  1. Now if only Sasha Baron Cohen could come up with a religious character...

  2. ... I wouldn't think that you'd be displaying Scientologist ads on your blog... is this intentional, or accidental?

  3. why does it seem that every article posted ends with a message of hate towards religion? Can't someone be an atheist and also love?

  4. I saw the movie and it is an interesting movie, the things that the movie touches are incredible, it provides something to think about.