July 28, 2007

The Religion Of Peace

A dozen Christian men were convicted Thursday and sentenced to up to 14 years in jail for beating to death and beheading two Muslims to avenge the government executions of three Christians in Indonesia last year.

Five other Christians received eight-year terms for burying the pair, who were set upon by a mob as they drove though a Christian neighborhood on Sulawesi island a day after the Sept. 22, 2006, executions of Fabianus Tibo and two other Christian militants.

When was the last time we heard about an Atheist cutting peoples heads off in the name of what he/she believes.

This is the problem a lot of Atheists have with the religious. They tend to be blood thursy violent savages who think that killing people is an acceptable way to practice thier faith. We would all be a lot happier if the religious kept thier mouth shut and stayed out of our way, Oh yeah, And stop killing people for your god!


  1. Those guys didn't kill anyone "for their God" - they did it out of revenge, which is expressly forbidden in Jesus' teachings. It's a shame more Christians don't read or follow the Bible, because that gives Jesus a "black eye".

    However, attributing crimes, etc. (sins) does nothing to disprove the existence of God. Actually, that just highlights the entire reason Christ came to earth (check out John 3:16). That is the crux of the Christian message - unfortunately people mistakenly believe that being a Christian is about "being good". Actually, it's quite the opposite. It's about God having mercy on us since we do bad (killing Muslims in revenge, for example) constantly.

    Yeah, Christians suck. However, so does everyone else on the planet once you really get to know them. That's why I put my faith in Christ and not in people. That's tough to do and takes constant vigilance, prayer, and repentance (when I inevitably screw up and write a foolish rant post on my own blog about Christians - (christiansontheclock.org), but it's freed me from a great deal of resentment and enabled me to move closer towards what God really put me here to do

    followed your post from DP forums - have enjoyed your insights over there. Be well :)

    Guess by the title of the blog

  2. I agree that the crime it's self doesn't disprove god. But it goes a long way to proving that the christians who committed that crime don't really believe in god, Don't really believe in the ten commandments and don't really believe sinners go to hell.

    If they are convinced so little of god, As christians, Why should anyone else believe it?

  3. Stalin, Mao, Hoxa of Albania. All atheists all persecutors of religion.

    These atheists have killed more people than all the theists over the centuries have.

    Does this prove atheism or atheists suck? No more than the Crusades or Jihads prove religion sucks

  4. Those crimes weren't done in the name of atheism. The crusades, the inquisition and the Jihad are all done specifically in the name of religion.

    Even though the leaders you quote did happen to want a secular country their reasons for wanting it was to remove all authority bar their own. They see religion not as a cancerous lump in society that needs to be cut out like i do, But as something that could undermine or challenge their authority.

  5. Matt, PROVE stalin was an atheist

    The bloodiest communist - Josef Stalin went to CHURCH’S school and later to PRIEST’S SEMINARY in Tbilisi. STALIN HAS RELIGIOUS EDUCATION! What is funny... that Stalin WON stipend to seminary by this strong religious effort and proving himself as radical believer – I think it is not wide spread information between theists (especially in USA :). More... in French, Austrian, Germany and Russian documentary "Inside the Kremlin" (2004) Stalin’s bodyguard Jurij Solovjov (10 years) claimed that in WW2, when Stalin was alone, he went to small Kremlins CHURCH – interesting, for what? Maybe to meet and talk with Lenin’s soul :)? Stalin’s daughter Svetlana (in documentary about “Leaders kids” ) also said, that Stalin maybe was a believer, because swallowed answer to question “Does God exists?”. USSR was not an ATHEISTIC, but COMUNISTIC regime. It was not about GOD, but about COLLECTIVE PROPERTY. Church functioned and was not fully oppressed in USSR – maybe, because KGB very successfully used it to spy on people through confessions. Of course, Russians in communistic regime didn’t liked church very much. Why Russians hated church, especially after war? Because church was defended rich people in revolution time and was flirting with Nazi in World War Two. So it is normal, that Russians revenged to all who collaborated with Nazi. But in communist regime (Stalin’s time) communists even used some recommendations from the Bible. Like, it was popular and legal to decide to kill someone by three people group (“Troika”) as it said in New Testament (He 19:10:18). And of course... “All capital/property is evil and rich people must gift their property to poor – was not too far from The Bible and Christ teachings as want to present Christians. Likely, those ideas about defending poor people and that rich people will go to hell or at least for them will be hard to go to heaven... Stalin collected from his ...religious teachings. Second thing... statistics shows, that mostly in communistic countries there are less atheists, than in West Europe.

    Sweden 46%
    UK 46%
    Germany 44%
    Denmark 43%
    France 43%
    Belgium 42%
    Netherlands 39%
    Russia 24%
    China 8%
    Lithuania 14%

    It seems, that communist regime not destroyed religion, but preserved it. And other thing... collective property... and similar payment for job - Main Idea in USSR was CONTRADICTED Darwin’s Evolution theory!, because this destroyed natural selection - people who worked more were paid same as these who worked less.

    for more details visit vjocys.blogspot.com

  6. please, do me a favor, do never, never, NEVER call stalin a communist again.
    and mao, pol pot and other yeah-I-wanna-be-the-boss-so-Ill-call-myself-a-communist-leaders.
    They have persecuted more communists than religious people.
    besides, you don't understand darwins theory very well, it doesn't say that natural selection is good, or that habits as hard work can be passed trough.
    This theory is called "social darwinism" and avocated by ultra-right capitalists and Hitler. Nothing to do with natural selection.