June 24, 2007

A Banana, The Atheists Nightmare, Apparently

You have probably seen the video of the nutcases presenting the fatuous argument that the banana is the atheists nightmare because it seems to fit in to the human hand, Has an easy to open tab - Just like a soda can - and is easy to digest, So it's been designed by god.

While this argument may appear to be water tight to to your average religious nut who has no idea about science and natural selection, To the rest of us it's obviously bogus.

Firstly the banana could have evolved through natural selection to be easy to open, easy to digest and easy to hold simply because those are the types of bananas monkeys would select first, and as such they defecate the seeds out in to a nice pile of dung which makes them more likely to grow into trees that produce the favorable type of banana. This in it's self blows the creationist argument out of the water, But there is another reason why their "god designed the banana" is wrong.

The wild banana, the one that god made, Is black, tastes disguising, Is full of seed and is hard to digest. It wasn't until humans started cultivating bananas that we obtained, Over thousands of years, The typical banana we see today.

The real bananas, The ones god made, Look like this

I was going to ask what the hell was thinking when he "designed" the pineapple, But i don't think i have to now.


  1. At first I was like WTF are you talking about until I saw the banana picture. Makes sense to me. What about lychee? They look like ball sacs.

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  3. Only just stumbled upon your blog but it's providing me with some great thoughts, I thank you for these! I've seen that video before about the banana perfectly fitting in the creases of your hand and it just kills me! Great blog!