August 05, 2007

Religious Freedom In Iraq?

For the Iraqis there may be religious freedom. But certainly not for the American service men and women fighting over there.

According to the nogodblog a fundamental christian major had a complete meltdown when he found out that soldiers in his company where holding a meeting under the umbrella of Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.

The Major threatened to punish the soldiers under the UCMJ, Accused them of being part of a conspiracy against christians and said they were disrespecting soldiers who have died protecting the Constitution.

After his ranting and raving was over he broke up the meeting and vowed to make sure no such meetings were allowed to take place in the future.

I thought the freedom of belief was one of the things we are supposed to be fighting for over there? I guess, Like always with christians, They don't mind what you believe, As long as it's the same thing that they believe. And if you believe otherwise they start shouting, Abusing thier power and threatening people.

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