February 10, 2008

The Next Dishonest Tactic To Be Used By Filthy Creationists

Ever since science started putting doubt in to peoples minds regarding the validity of religious dogma the corporations in charge of the dogma, The religions themselves, Have been intent on destroying peoples ability to learn, To keep them primitive and to keep them subservient.

Christians in particular have a long history of trying to deny people knowledge because they believe an educated mind is less likely to buy in to their primitive bronze age myths and, More importantly, Less likely to hand over money to such a scam.

In quite recent history, When Charles Darwin wrote his book detailing the process that caused the species to arise, The christians went absolutely nuts. They aren't concerned with the validity of evolution, They are simply concerned with preventing anyone learning about anything that contradicts their unfounded beliefs.

In 1982 a book was written called "of pandas and people" which was intended to be used as a text book in a science class teaching children that god an "intelligent designer" made us. It's basically creationism. But because America, Thanks to it's unbelieving christian-hating founding fathers, Has a law preventing religious filth being taught in schools they decided that they would, Like typical christians, Try to deceitfully get these lies taught via a back door. "intelligent design" was born.

Intelligent design, Unlike biblical creation, States that humans and animals couldn't have arose via natural selection and that a "designer" has to be responsible for at least some aspects of some organisms. Obviously this is just a re-branding of biblical creation, As was pointed out by Judge John Jones in the Dova trial.

So since there is now a president where christian filth biblical creation "intelligent design" was found, In a court, By a judge, To be nothing more than a deceitful way of getting religion taught as science the creationists have had to out do themselves and excel in both dishonesty and stupidity and take a new rout to get this nonsense taught in schools.

"Teach the controversy" is born. The newest tactic the disgusting creationists are using to get filthy lies taught as science is to pretend that there is an academic "controversy" regarding evolution and that a lot of respectable scientists, Scientists who were found to be complete morons at the Dova trial, Doubt evolution.

The solution to this, According to them, It to at least teach the controversy to children and "let them decide". Now, I have two problems with this;

Firstly; There isn't a controversy. it's all in their head. Compared to the vast body of scientists who fully support evolution the ones questioning it are comparable to the amount of astronomers who believe in astrology. ie, Not many at all.

Secondly; If there is a "controversy" regarding the theory of evolution it has to be settled in the academic arena using peer reviewed research and evidence. it's not to be settled in a classroom full of children who don't even have a basic grasp of the subject. This presents a problem for creationists is they don't actually produce any data, Any experiments or any academic papers.

When this issue goes to court, And it will, The case is easily won by evolutionists simply by saying that "teaching the controversy" is tantamount to teaching the controversy between alchemy in chemistry and Astrology in astrophysics.


  1. you know what, this sounds great. "Teach the Controversy". i am completely down w/ this. i say we start implementing this nation-wide, in "EVERY" school, public or private. they want ID in science class? AWESOME, i want "The Wonders and Magic of Lucifer" in bible class. "Teach the Controversy", there are people who think Satan is a pretty cool guy, and that viewpoint should also be taught in schools.

  2. filthy creationists? i've never heard it suggested that creationists have hygiene problems but i'm open to evidence on the subject