February 16, 2008

Religion Of Peace Get Violent, Again

After danish newspapers reprinted the cartoons picturing Muhammad as a protest to the planned murder of a 73 year old cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, who drew some of the cartoons back in 2005 riots have been raging around Denmark as the "religion of peace" demonstrate, Yet again, Just how violent they are prepared to get over the smallest thing.

15 Danish newspapers decided to reprint the cartoons as a protest after police arrested three muslims, Two Tunisians and a Moroccan, On Tuesday for planning to kill the aged cartoonist.

Press around the world should stand united with Denmark and also reprint the cartoons in protest. Even to this day not a single cartoon has appeared in American press without muhammad's face either being blacked out or pixelated. The willing subserviance of the west is both cowardly and dangerous. We shouldn't be afraid to print something on the basis that a minority doesn't like it. If we have learned one thing from islam it's that if you give them an inch, They take a mile.

No doubt the moderate muslims will come out to say how the cartoons are wrong and that we should "respect" their religion while at the same time completely ignoring the barbaric animals threatening to kill cartoonists in the name of their god.

I have a question for these moderate muslims. If Islam is a religion of peace what do you find more offensive? A few cartoons, or murder in the name of islam? If it is the latter, Let's start hearing you make some noise condemning these barbaric animals and less noise criticising those who have the courage to take a stand against them.


  1. Moderates are just as bad as Fundies in all religions. They can always somehow rationalize the thinking of their fundamentalists and never see the flip side and if they do I think they are afraid of their 'own' to voice it. Peace my ass! Same shit different year.

  2. I finally saw all the cartoons.

  3. The cartoons was 1 thing, but the guy who had his story filmed and released, which was about the life of the prophet Muhammad, was killed by Muslims. Christians didn't kill the guy who made the story about the "Last Temptation Of Christ," but somehow, Islam takes matters a little too seriously.