February 08, 2008

What Evolution Is And What It's Not

Ok, I am getting sick of these filthy, dishonest creationists so to further my previous post titled The Fact Of Evolution And The Lies Of Creationists i am going to continue with another post explaining what evolution is, And more importantly what it is not. Read it carefully. If there is going to be anything that resembles honest discussion creationists are going to have to develop some integrity and they are going to have to stop making their goal to reduce every discussion to an absolute farcical display of intellectual dishonesty and misinformation pasted wholesale from creationist sites.

What Evolution Is

Evolution is the theory that explains the fact that animals change and speciate due to natural selection.

What Evolution IS NOT

Evolution is not proof that god doesn't exist.
Evolution doesn't attempt to explain the origins of the universe.
Evolution doesn't attempt to explain how the planet formed.
Evolution doesn't attempt to explain how the first organism arose.
Evolution is not in violation of the second law of thermodynamics.

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  1. I prefer saying that evolution is a process, or at least, a scientific discipline that addresses the details of the evolutionary process. Pretty much like gravity, we don't say that gravity is a theory, we rather say that gravity is a natural force (whose details are explained by gravitation theory)