April 17, 2008

Are Most Muslims Terrorist Sympathisers?

Very rarely, If Ever, Have i heard Muslims condemn the actions of terrorists, Racist textbooks in Islamic schools, The mistreatment of women and the evil spouted by Islamic clerics. Instead what they tend to do, Especially online where anonymity affords them with protection, Is try to brush the hatred perpetuated by Islamic leaders under the carpet by bringing up Zionism, Islamophobia and the IDF.

Given the lack of vocal condemnation from so called "moderate muslims" is it safe to assume that most of them don't actually oppose what these people are doing in the name of Islam? And is it also safe to assume that they actually support it? After all, Justification can be found in the Koran for every evil done in the name of Islam. Justification can be found in the Koran for teaching children that Jews are monkeys. Justification can be found in the Koran for mistreating women.

Muslims in general are very quick to protest FITNA and Theo Van Gough's film submission, So where is their criticism of the actions, Actions done in the name of their religion, Which are the cause and subject of these films? If the films don't represent Islam why aren't they protesting against people doing things in the name of their religion which make films like these possible?

To me the answer is simple. They criticise the films and not the subjects of the films because the films do reflect Islam accurately and the people spouting hatred in the name of Islam do reflect Islam accurately. Even a passing acquaintance with the Koran exposes it as a racist, hate filled, Sexist and violent piece of literature where death is prescribed as punishment for even the most trivial crimes and women are seen as property equal to livestock.


  1. "Given the lack of vocal condemnation from so called "moderate muslims" is it safe to assume ... that they actually support it?"
    I would say that publicly identifying yourself as a member of a religion is an act of implicit support for everything done in the name of that religion -- a religion is, after all, nothing more than a set of shared ideas. If you don't denounce extremism when appropriate, you are supporting it whether you condone it or not.

  2. They get so easily offended whenever they think anyone is blaspheming their religion... but if Islam is a religion of peace, isn't waging war in its name the absolute worst form of blasphemy?

    And yet, they care a heck of a lot more about our reactions to these acts than the acts themselves. Curious.

  3. Well, there are these guys:




  4. ^which raises an important philosophical question... how will the non-violent liberal and moderate Muslims ever manage to win out over the militant fanatics given that the latter are the ones with the guns and bombs and no moral qualms whatever about using them, while all the non-crazies are willing or able to do is occasionally make some subdued and bashful noises about how the terrorists aren't "real" Muslims?

  5. Moderate muslims are in a unique position to battle extreme islam, because they're the pool of potential recruits. Terrorists don't get fresh legs from atheists or other faiths: they radicalise existing muslims. If the moderate muslims were more vigilant and more vocally opposed to extremism then it would be much harder for anybody to turn them into terrorists. Moderate muslims provide cover, bodies, and a veneer of legitimacy for the extremists, and if they stopped doing that then the extremism would be severely hindered.

    That's what I think, anyway.

  6. maybe we should get some guns and bombs and start bombing them. Isn't it about time we rose up and started getting rid of all the loonys in this world who threaten our way of life and our beliefs with their insidious discrimination against people of different beliefs. What we need is some national social organisation that will start monitoring these peoples activities. If they suspect an area of extremism they can paint in white the islamic crescent on their walls. They come over here and exploit our resources and get rich. Who is with me