April 01, 2008

Help Expose Expelled

Expelled the movie, As you probably know, Is an upcoming movie featuring Ben Stein in which he tries to present a case for intelligent design while pretending that the scientific community is an elitist old boys club where scientists sit around sweeping evidence under the carpet if it doesn't conform with "neo-darwinism" (whatever that is).

The flaws in this movie are evident from it's premise alone. But their dishonesty doesn't stop at misrepresenting science and the scientific method while asking for a free pass straight into text books. These dishonest, intellectual cowards are even bribing schools to force kids to watch it and lying to respected scientists to get them to agree to an interview, An interview which will be edited in order to misrepresent what is being said.

So i urge anyone with a website or blog to help expose expelled. Link to the expelled exposed website using the words "expelled the movie", "Ben stein" and "intelligent design". If enough people do this and don't make it too obvious we can get expelledexposed.com on the front page of google for those search terms and stop these filthy liars in their tracks.

Normally i don't agree with underhand tactics, But when confronted with people who have the finances to get a film made that is based entirely on lies we need to do whatever it takes to expose them.


  1. Good job. I just read about this movie, and as always, it makes my blood boils.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I'd like to say that Neo Darwinism is regarded a valid concept by biologists (although the creationist meaning of it is probably different, something to do with it being a religion). In a biologist concept it just means Darwin's theory coupled with genetics since they didn't know about genetics in his days. Creationists try to turn it into the same thing as Neo-nazism, which is just a desperate attack attempt.

  2. I already did a small bit of google bombing on my blog- I intend to do more over the next couple of weeks- and to use the various terms as you suggested

  3. http://www.richarddawkins.net/article,2400,Expelled-Overview,Josh-Timonen-RichardDawkinsnet

    Also, post this in your blogs too. Would be useful.

  4. Isn't this just going to increase publicity for the film? Sure, the publicity will be negative, but something tells me that would be preferred by the filmmakers to no publicity.

  5. Hmm you have a point there.

  6. What a horrible idea. It's just more examples of the ways people will twist real, logical people and their ideas to fit their own ridiculous and ignorant agenda.
    The fact is that god makes money, so the more they promote, the more so many people get paid. Ugh.


  7. Support what you say. Using the words cowards, etc. doesn't prove your point. STOP USING TWISTED LOGIC!