April 20, 2008

Sexpelled - No Intercourse Allowed

Of course, This video is very funny and illustrates how moronic the ID position is. But really, If we are to take their advice and "teach the other side" and to teach kids that "there are two opinions" and that there is "an alternative theory" should we not teach stork theory in biology class as a possible explanation for where babies come from? If we are to have academic freedom in schools, Which apparently means letting cretinous imbeciles lie to children, Shouldn't there be the academic freedom to teach stork theory? Stork theory has as much evidence supporting it as intelligent design, None what so ever, So surely it should have as equal importance as creationists insist intelligent design should have.

Or should we, As I and the vast majority of people think, Only teach them the truth and only teach them stuff that is supported by evidence and is actual science?

So creationists, Give me one good reason why ID should be taught as a valid theory and stork theory shouldn't? And don't forget, If you are going to claim ID has evidence to support it, Remember to bring that evidence with you.

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