June 14, 2008

Islam: The Religion Of Poverty

This is an excerpt from an article written by Ali Sina. Follow this link to read the entire article.

The greatest gift of Islam to its followers is poverty. All Islamic countries with the exception of those that have oil are poor. Amazingly even Iran that is oil rich and before the Islamic regime was a prosperous country, is now a poor third world country. With over 20 billion dollar revenue from the Oil industry, the per capita income of the Iranians is $1200 annually. Just recently an 18-year-old girl burned herself. She died within a few days. When questioned why, she replied that without her there would be one less mouth to feed in her household and more food for her younger siblings.

20 million Bangalis have immigrated to India in the search of a better life. Bangladesh and Pakistan are languishing in poverty while India is now experiencing an economical boom. As for Afghanistan, let us not even mention it. Some Afghani women are forced to go “grazing”. They go to the mountains looking for a blade of grass to eat and feed their children. All Islamic countries are completely unproductive. Half of the population, i.e. women, is virtually left out of the work force. Those work waste one month of a year in a quasi-hibernating state during Ramadan and the 5 daily obligatory prayers rob the economy millions of valuable person-hours of productivity. Instead of teaching real science, schools teach the Islamic non-sense of Fiqh and Sharia and brainwash the youth with mumbo-jumbo of creation, story of Noah and the miracles of Muhammad. If it weren’t for oil all Islamic countries without any exception would be the poorest countries of the world. Millions of Muslims from all Islamic countries invade the West in the search of a better life.


  1. SubhanaLLAH!!
    And stile islam is the most growing religion in the world!
    you just dont get it do you man?
    its not about the money you have!

    its about the here after...God closed your heart from islam and you can´t do nothing about that.. its only God that shows one the the path to paradise not money man!

    And i know that you hate islam no problem man but remeber one thing you can`t blow out ALLAH light
    because you´r just a human.

  2. So you aren't going to even try to refute the claim that islam leads people to be unproductive, Ill Educated and unable to provide themselves with even basic necessities?

    if you aren't going to adress what has been written would you mind not polluting my blog with your credulous, servile preaching.

  3. I totally agree with you, its just like the christian empires of yonder, keep the people poor and uneducated and they will believe anything you want them to believe for some bread and a promise of a better life when your dead, while those in power have everything this world has to offer.

  4. I couldn't agree less. that must be the silliest thing I've ever read. Is this the idea you got about muslims? dude, we don't live in a cave.You got it all wrong. we're more educated than you, that's for sure and yes, we are poor but so are you, Allah is rich. you and all the people like you are ignorant, because you don't know the meaning of life.

  5. i couldn't agree less. that must be the silliest thing i've ever heard. we don't live in a cave, dude, apprently you do. if you hate muslim people, hey that's not my problem. but at least don't put fake information about us. We are not uneducated,specially women,actually we know more about life than you do. and yes we are poor, but so are you, because only Allah is rich. And you know what ? the difference between me and you is faith. And that's something you'll never have.

  6. Dude, The Fact is There are more christains and Atheist in the world living in poverty, just that it doesn't come out and the islamic poverty gets outlined in the media. Moreover don't think the people who look rich are actually rich, many of them have lakhs and Corers of debt in banks and they look rich, hypocritically, check the statistics of People who committed suicide dude to Debts in america . America and Europe having the greater population of Christians and atheist, and they still have ever increasing population of Poverty and unemployment.

    Look who is speaking of Women's productivity in islamic countries. I can’t stop laughing. Dude, in western counties, check the percentage of women in official post, very very less. Check the percentage of people in political group, or see the percentage of Women as CEO's compared to men. Percentage dude, not some crap propagated by media. women in so called western countries are used by sexual object or Sex product for glamour market. Every Year so many percentages who are so called Christains and atheist migrate in search of Job in sex market and get used by people. Wow!! What a Productivity right. Go online and check the Adult oriented sites and check what percentage of sites have Women workers compared to men, Wow what productivity you guys are giving to women.

    Dude Wake up.

    People who don't live with moral values and judge the growth and success with Money as the only parameter (like you people) can do any thing for money, i mean any thing even if it is unmoral for the sake of money. It is pathetic to see such people writing articles. Unfortunately You are blaming of dust in neighbour’s house when your own door steps is filled with dust, Clean up yours mess first before speaking of others. Please take it lightly if the comments were harsh. Just that , trying to bring facts to notice of how stupid your thoughts were.

    So please Wake up dude. Clean the mess in your door steps before commenting on others. Final note, Money is not every thing in life.

    Peace be on to you brother.

  7. Our Science can fly you to the moon. Your faith will fly you into buildings.

    Feld W.

  8. i'm very sure if i lived in a western country i had more rights.ok some women are sex objects in the west but here in middle east all women are slaves and most of them treated like cattle.there isn't any muslim woman as powerful as oprah winfry,hilary clinton,ashwarya rai,angelina jolie or arudhati roy.women ofcourse are living better lives in western countries and india.if a woman has the right to show her face she has all the rights.this is fundamental right.i'd hate to marry a muslim man.

  9. ofcourse husbends in middle east think their wives are sex objects.they use them for sex.

  10. Very well Written post. Its true. Muslims are still in fear of loosing the only thing they have left ie …..hope(in form of God). So my brother prefers not to answer you logically but just proves you right that how undereducated we are. Not a good sign for millions to be like that!