November 20, 2008

Another Muslim Uses Religion To Get Out Of Doing His Job

Common sense prevails as a British muslim cab driver was fined £300 for refusing to take a blind man and his dog - something he is required to do under the terms of his licence - On the grounds that carrying a dog, An animal considered unclean in islam, Is against his precious religion.

Of course, being from the most "honest" religion of all Mr Roshanmoniri, upon finding out that a complaint had been filed, went to his doctor and got a suspiciously convenient letter stating that he was allergic to dogs - something he apparently forgot to tell his blind passenger and instead went with the "it's against my religion" excuse.

here's an idea, It's not radical, But perhaps You should just do the fucking job you are being paid for and stop hiding behind your primitive desert myth when demanding special treatment.

Besides being illegal, denying a blind man a ride on the grounds that you don't like his dog is a pretty shitty thing to do and this guy should be completely ashamed of himself.


  1. "They Tuk UR CABS!"

    I think this guy is a bastard and should be send back to his Goat herding spot in Iraq

  2. This guy would appear, on balance, to be a total wankflange.

    What's wrong with dogs anyway? Alright there's some agressive ones out there (owners' fault usually), but most of them are lovely faithful fluffy mutts - awww, bless em. And guide dogs are the best of the lot - certainly contributing more to society than this cabbie arsehole, and all for the price of a couple of bonios and a pat on the head! Let's keep the guide dog, who seems to be jolly good value to me, and send this cabbie packing to an islamic state of his choice, where he's free to be as idiotic in his blind following of a barbaric outdated myth as the rest of the backward morons who keep such illiterate backwaters in existence.

  3. Damn right - that's just ridiculous. It's unbelievable how people in this modern world and modern societies still cling onto that outdated superstition.

  4. {What's wrong with dogs anyway?}

    The "modern and rational" religion of Islam teaches that the saliva and sweat of dogs is impure and will invalidate any ritual purity that you have (say, for praying). Because dogs do sweat, then there's this whole tetchy fussy thing about their hair too. Not all Muslims believe this or accept it.

    However, generally speaking, the Eastern cultures that Muslims come from are dog-hating cultures, so they conflate this minor religious point with their inherited cultural hatred for canines and then use that as an excuse to do things like this. I mean seriously, a seeing eye dog is going to slobber on him from the back seat while he's driving? No, he just hates and fears dogs cuz his grandmummy told him to, and uses his religion as an excuse. When that doesn't work, he uses allergies. And I will guarantee you he feels that one was justified, because in his mind, he is *religiously* (culturally) allergic to dogs and cannot touch them.