November 29, 2008

Phones Bad For The Soul, Say Vatican

In an attempt to drag humanity back to the stone age father Federico Lombardi, the pope’s spokesman, said that without a spiritual life, people risked losing their souls and went on to condemn phones and the internet claiming they could cause the "spiritual dimension", Whatever that is, to dry up and die.

Of course, Being religious and therefor inherently hypocritical the vatican doesn't think modern technology is bad when it's used to further their own agenda, like when the pope sent out daily text messages during a celebration in Sydney, Erected giant digital "prayer walls" and published texts from the Vatican library online.


  1. You call him a hypocrite. I think "moron" is more accurate.

  2. This is awesome, I just came up on this blog by chance. Ah, finally something i can read without "God this" ... "God that" ... "Blessed be thou- fucking agenda". You're a great guy Dr.Dawkins.

  3. 1) Souls don't exist.

    2) Even if they did, I hardly think power-hungry, greedy, misogynistic, boy-rapers would qualify as good for anything. Except for power-hungry, greedy, misogynistic boy-rapers.

  4. Pontifical pederasty notwithstanding (and let's not forget the many female victims): in the interest of syllogistic soundness, I dunno how hypocritical his statement was. I also dislike the current dominance of texting in human interaction, but I do it because it's the only way in which some are willing to maintain certain levels of relationship.