November 15, 2008

Ted Haggards Resurrection Took A Bit Longer Than Jesus'

The come-back of ted haggard, the "christian", multimillionaire, disgraced mega church leader who was caught (and admitted) partaking in "inappropriate behaviour" with a male prostitute and buying meth off of aforementioned rent boy has begun. And guess what, He wasn't actually responsible for any of it! now now cynics, hear the man out.. Apparently it was all the fault of an unspecified man who had an unspecified "sexual encounter" with him when he was a child. It just took him 40 years to remember about it.

Now i know what you are thinking.... "how convenient".

"Hanging out" with gay hookers and buying drugs is one thing, But lying is against the rules, He - The guy who had sex with a gay prostitute and bought drugs - couldn't possibly be guilty of lying and making up stories so he hasn't got to take responsibility for his action, He's a "man of god".

And it's not all bad, This display of utter hypocrisy, or rather, Getting caught, Has now made him a "stronger christian".

people are often sorry right about the time they get caught. Wasn't too sorry at the time, But now, He can barely open his mouth without apologising.

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  1. So..... does he blame the childhood abuse for his homosexuality? Or his meth use? Or his lying behaviour? Or the fact that he is delusional? Or....

    Wait a minute, maybe the abuse caused him to believe in god! Hallelujah!