December 22, 2008

The Pledge Without "Under God",,,. By Porky Pig

It's a shame that it takes a cartoon pig (take that muslims and jews) from the 30's to put christians in their place... But here it is.

Now do you believe that the "under god" crap was added later?


  1. Wow, no "under god", and only 42 stars on the flag. :)

  2. There are 48 stars, not 42. Look again.

  3. Well actually, I am an atheist but I have to point out that "Under God" was added during the cold war to distance ourselves (America) from the "Godless Commies"

  4. Excellent! Now we just need for elementary school teachers to air this in classrooms, and when the students ask why that part's not there, the teacher gives a brief history lesson. Hey, if they learn this stuff early on, they'll be able to question when some fundie tries to tell them it was always there.

    Extra bonus to that scenario- Once they realize something a fundie says is a lie, they're less likely to believe the other BS they tell. ;)