December 25, 2008

My Advice To Obama; Distance Yourself From Religious Leaders

If i had to give president elect Barack Obama one piece of advice it would be to refrain from affiliating himself with religious leaders.

The first time this became a problem for him was when the pastor of his church, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, A man who has a history of giving inflammatory sermons and posses a hatred for America that would make even the Taliban blush, Gave a sermon in which he damned America, The country he resides in, and claimed they had "brought on" the September 11th attacks.

Well, it looks like Obama hasn't learned from this particular mistake and has given the task of inaugural invocation to Rev. Rick Warren, a man who, In his own words, thinks homosexuality, Paedophilia and incest are "equivalent" and a man who worked on passage of California's Proposition 8, Which is a proposition making gay marriage a criminal offence.

Rev. Rick Warren's own website stated, before this shit storm erupted and they pulled it, That homosexual people can't be members of his Saddleback Church.

This is the kind of lazy mistakes we would have expected from Bush, after all, he was a cretin and he didn't care who knew it, but Obama is supposed to have a little more sense. And it's even more disappointing when we remember the speech he done on the importance of a secular government, which makes his allegiance with such radical religious leaders even more surprising.


  1. All politicians will say whatever they can to get elected. You would think America would catch on. But just like religion, people continue to hold faith in the parties they follow. Why is it that so many Americans truly believe with all their heart that one side or the other has all the answers? Both the Democrats and the Republicans are equally untrustworthy yet there will always be those faithful followers who will believe that their candidate is the next messiah.

    Anything a politician does should never come as surprise.

  2. I think this is another political move rather than a personal one. Rick Warren has a very large appeal to the Christian Right because of his best selling book 'A Life of Purpose'. Like most Christians, Warren seems well intentioned and good natured until you scratch the surface.

    The following video is Rick Warren at the 2006 TED Conference.

    Dan Dennett was the next presenter who responded to Rick Warren and his book.

  3. This certainly is disappointing. I'm even more disappointed to see that what first appeared to be a rising tide of opposition has since flattened out.