December 13, 2008

Onward Christian Cowards

Whatever happened to those brave, valiant christians from yesteryear? The ones who would take criticism, work hard to refute it and maintain their integrity?

Well it seems those types of Christians have been replaced with the whiny, professional victim christians which we see today. The type who see any criticism of their belief as a personal attack, Any belief which isn't exactly identical to their own as an opponent in some kind of holy war and use censorship as their weapon of choice.

I mean, take YouTube for example. Anyone with even a passing acquaintance with the religion/atheism crowd on there will know that it is very rare to find a video from a so-called "christian" which allows ratings and even rarer to find one which allows unmoderated comments. What are they afraid of? Are their views so fragile and untenable that they have to be protected from criticism at the expense of their integrity and intellectual honesty?

It doesn't even stop there. Not happy with simply prohibiting criticism of what they see as "the truth" on their precious channels the next step in their campaign of intellectual dishonesty and cowardice is to stop opponents criticising their beliefs in their own videos. And they do this via a conceited campaign of false DMCA claims, Mass fake voting and by looking for something to cry about to YouTube; "boohoo, the naughty man suggested - in his video about evolution - That animals might have sex. I demand this offensive material be removed".

It's good to see that these filthy cowards are finding it hard to maintain this level of dishonesty though. Recently venomfangx, Or poster boy from creationist stupidity as he is unaffectionatly known, Was forced to make a humiliating public apology after filing false DMCA claims against thunderf00t in an attempt to silence him and then lying about filing the claims by pretending it was someone else. of course, he was only sorry after he got caught and at the time was more than willing to be a deceitful piece of shit for Jesus.

Then comes CSE, Or creation science evangelism, The anti-science cult lead by convicted criminal Kent Hovind. Their tactic is to get evolutionists banned from YouTube by claiming their use of CSE material is breaking copyright law. of course, They, and YouTube, fail to realise that using someone elses material for critique or review purposes is allowed under copyright law and that Kent Hovind himself said on his own website at the time "None of the materials produced by Creation Science Evangelism are copyrighted". But then, Their goal wasn't to protect their copyright, It was to stifle descent.

I say atheists and evolutionists, Especially on YouTube, continue to use these liars material in any way they see fit and keep exposing their dishonesty. Their eventual intellectual demise is going to be messy, But judging by the depths they are recently prepared to sink to, is very close.


  1. This tactic reeks of desperation. The level of disputation of christian doctrine has improved (or at leased increased) on an individual basis and is proving more difficult for amateur apologists to successfully debate. So they avoid dissenting views to protect the security of their beliefs.

  2. As far as leaving ratings and moderating comments it seems that this is due to the fact people on Youtube are idiots and don't have any constructive criticism other than "FUCK GOD" or what not. Also, stop trying to use a few examples of people as a consensus for the whole i.e. Fanatics. That is also a deceitful tactic.

  3. Oh and also, it is THEIR channel...keyword. They can do whatever they like with it.

  4. Chris, The vast majority of biblical literalists and creationists moderate comments arguing against them and don't allow ratings, Just have a look around youtube. Don't be a coward by pretending it's a minority because it's not.

    It's understandable though. I mean, If i held a belief as ludicrous and childish as theirs id probably also want to prevent people from exposing.

    But you are right, It is their channel and they can moderate any comments critical of their position, But that doesn't mean they aren't cowards for doing it. I could do the same thing on this blog, I could delete all comments which attempt to debate me, But i don't. it's called intellectual integrity.

    it's also incorrect to suggest they only moderate comments because they are rude and abusive. I have left many polite, constructive factually supported comments pointing out the flaws in the videos and very rarely do they get published. it's cowardice, No other word for it.