June 11, 2007

Bible Sparks Obscenity Row In China

The christian bible has sparked an obscenity row in Hong Kong, China, After The Television and Entertainments Licensing Authority (Tela), which oversees the publishing industry, said it had received 208 (reports now speculate over 3000) complaints that text within the holy book was indecent.

A TELA spokeswoman said "I can confirm that the complaints were received, The thrust of the complaints was that the Bible was obscene, that different parts of the Bible were offensive to readers". With Hong Kongs strict laws regarding obscenities in literature I'm surprised the bible has lasted this long.

While the TELA spokeswoman declined to comment on which passages the 208 complains were focused speculation has been mounting, And let's face it, We aren't short of obscenities in the bible. maybe she could narrow it down a bit. Were they sexual obscenities? Violent obscenities? My money is on inscest.


  1. I was reading about this somewhere else also... I think they wanted to get it banned from the country. We should try that here!!

    Clerks II rules... made me actually wanna read the bible!!

    Jay: Did you know Jesus was a Jew?

  2. The Bible actually is pretty racy for a 2000 year-old book. Growing up around a Catholic church I never read it, but I started in recent years, and actually found it a compelling read (minus the long lists of names that pop up here and there)