June 13, 2007

Why Does God Hate Amputees?

Most religious people you talk to will express a belief in miracles. Miracles are usually defined as something that happens as a result of Divine inspiration, Or God done it.

The religious will present all sorts of "evidence" to prove that God does indeed perform miracles. They range from people being cured of cancer, The blind being able to see again and the wheelchair-bound getting up and walking. Strangely though, God has never performed a "miracle" that has enabled an amputee to regrow their arm or leg.

So if god routinely cures people of cancer, Allows the blind to see again and the crippled to walk why doesn't he, At least once, Regrow an arm for an amputee? Surely there must be at least one christian amputee who has prayed for his arm back.

It seems strange that the things he does cure could have cured themselves, Or perhaps been misdiagnosed in the first place. When someone goes for their second scan and finds no cancer is it not possible that whoever done the first scan misdiagnosed cancer? Is it not possible that someone without sight could regain that sight? And just because someone requires a wheelchair at one point doesn't mean they may require the wheelchair later on. These are things that even the most fundemental Christian has to admit are at least a possibility.

An amputee on the other hand. That is something obvious. It's something we can see. It unlikely that someone would be diagnosed as having an arm missing if they don't actually have an arm missing.

So i ask the Christians. Why does god on numerous occasions cure cancer and blindness, Yet never sees fit to regenerate an arm or a leg?


  1. Is there an actual amputee asking or is "Why won't God heal amputees" just straw targeting? This seems really just an excuse for hard line athiest materialism - nothing new but the preachy fundamentalist style.

    Problem is understanding how athiests justify using their brains to figure all things out? If life began as a blind, automatic process, with no purpose in mind obviously our brains were never INTENDED to draw intellegent conclusions!

    How can you come to intellegent conclusions by using a piece of machinery that was never devised to come to intellegent conclusions?

  2. all atheist are dumbass

  3. "all atheist are dumbass". Yes, this piece of grammatically correct and stunning intellect clearly depicts the epic debate of religion, faith and spiritually. Only humans can come up with a conclusion that so vividly defines our species.

    How about we believe (or not believe) in what we believe (or not believe) in and leave it at that. I respect beliefs of others, but only those who respect my beliefs. Don't solicit me with your faith, don't persecute me for my independent thoughts and don't insult me for voicing my opinion. Before you call me out on hypocrisy, I only point out your comment because of its lack of basic understanding of the freedom of speech and attempt to stop oppression of belief.

    Thank God this ranting and raving is now over.

  4. It depends on the amputee that you are asking about.

    If they lost a limb while being drunk and killing a child, do you love them?

    The New Testament says that anyone taking an oath is of the evil one (Matthew 5:34-37 & James 5:12) so if they go to another country based on a bald face lie and kill people because they don't think like them, do you love them?

    If you are buying motorcycles instead of feeding the starving children of the world and showing off and lose a limb, do you love them?