June 18, 2007

Jesus Condoms

What could possibly be better than safe, fun sex? Safe, fun blasphemous sex of course. Christian Condoms
has a nice range of contraception for the Christian about town who's feeling lucky.

The condoms include phrases on the packets like;
He who sins sexually sins against his own body (And with luck, Somebody else's too)

Honour God with your body (Preferably multiple times a day)

Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery (so why just look?)

Not recommended for catholics.

I am unsure if the condoms themselves offer and kind or blasphemous humor, But it would be funny to have a little picture of Jesus on them, Perhaps they come in holy communion wine flavour. I'll have to buy a pack and find out.


  1. Jesus Condoms - Now with "Crown Of Thorns" Tip

    hahaha.... I had too!

  2. Good idea in theory, but idiotic. Anyone breaking those commandments wouldn't by the condoms. Oh well...