January 04, 2009

How Does The "Religion Of Peace" Respond To Criticism? With Threats Of Child Rape And Murder

As i was looking through some old videos made by Pat Condell, atheist and critic of islam, I heard him mention the feedback page on his website where he posts some of the more, Let's say, "fruity" responses he has gotten from some of the more hysterical primitives of islam.

So what do we expect from the "religion of peace"? Condolences? Good wishes? Forgiveness? nope, We get threats of murder and what can only be described as sadistic, paedophilic fantasies.

here is a selection of the comments left for pat by followers of the "religion of peace".
u son of a hoe ur mama shouldve aborted u when u were in her womb,if she hadnt and i waz alive dat time i would punched her right dere so u couldve died... FUCK UUUUUUU!!!!!

why don’t you come suck my big dick asshole i would like to rape your whole family too if u got one…you will rot in hell grandpa

why don't you kill yourself white bastard? or do you want me to do it?
do you have a white daughter to rape and molest?
or are you scared your number is decreasing you redneck?

u suck

you'll die a slow painful death you motherfucker. Assholes like you have
made us Muslims stronger. fuck u old bitch.

With all this fanatical ranting i'm surprised if they still find time to beat their wives or mutilate their children's genitals.

Now i expect muslims to post criticising not those of their number making such disgusting remarks, but me for highlighting it.

Religion of peace... yeah, right.


  1. i'd say they represent their god extraordinarily well!

  2. Holy sh!t! Yes, they do represent their god very well. Sad.

    And some people wonder why atheists stay in the closet.