August 05, 2007

Dawkins Urges Atheists To "Come Out Of The Closet"

Atheist god Richard Dawkins has put his name behind a campaign which urges all Atheists and non-believers to "come out" of the closet and speak freely about their non-belief.

Atheist clothing

The campaign goes further than just asking Atheists to be honest about what they believe, It also asks them to wear a scarlet "A" as a way for us to make our non-belief known to people. It's not really a way of converting people, It's more of an in your face "fuck you" to the religious people we have had to suffer for too long and a way for us to make it clear that we don't want other peoples beliefs to effect what we are allowed to do in the way of laws and public policy, Particularly in our schools where our children are regularly brainwashed with this filth.

Some people have complained that this adoption of a "symbol" is another step towards the much unwanted transition from non-belief to religion, But i see it more as a way to say to people "I'm a rational intelligent human being and i don't need to believe in invisible men in the sky to explain things which currently have no explanation in science". Think of it as a medal that you earned for not being tricked in to believing in supernatural monsters.


  1. I'm an outspoken atheist and I think Richard Dawkins is brilliant but I think this is a bad idea. Even though it may not lead to an organization much like religion, it's not necessary. You say "it's a way of saying..." and such but what do you have to prove? Who are you trying to impress? I have an arsenal of knowledge that I unleash on the aggressive religious when provoked but why be the provoker? If we know that we are more logical than most then that should be enough. There's no need advertise in this way.

  2. While i do think it's a bad idea to turn atheism in to a religion i think it's important that atheists stick together and show them that we are no longer a few "lost souls", We are vast in numbers and we have had enough.

    The solidarity of the atheist movement is going to be very important in issues like opposing the teaching of creation in schools as a science.