August 11, 2007

Evidence For Intelligent Design?

If you are like me you probably get sick of hearing the religious talk about creationism, Or intelligent design as they like to call it, They think that makes it sound scientific. It's the idea that god made everything as it is and that animals didn't evolve through natural selection.

Over the years, After many discussions with these people, I have found a very "unscientific" pattern to the way they argue their point. They argue their point by, Well, Not arguing their point at all.

The reasoning of supporters of intelligent design is to find holes in evolution without ever presenting any evidence or reason to support their own position of "god done it", Yet their whole reason for disbelieving evolution is that sometimes the evidence simply doesn't add up. Well, If it's the so called "lack of evidence" that makes them question evolution let's hear the compelling evidence that makes intelligent design the theory to replace it.

Supporters of intelligent design seem to be under the impression that for their theory to be true all they have to do is disprove Darwin's evolution. I'll show you how little sense this makes.
person 1: There was a ball there earlier.
Person 2: Either Billy took it or a magic purple dragon wearing a top hat took it.
Person 1: Well billy couldn't have taken it, He's at school.
Person 2: That means it must have been the dragon!

I don't entertain the idea that evolution could be incorrect, There is simply too much evidence to support it and anyone who can understand the evidence is certain to come to the conclusion that yes, Through natural selection, Simple life can evolve in to varied complex life. But let's assume that at some point evolution is going to be proven, By science, To be incorrect. What reason do we have to assume that intelligent design should be the theory to replace it?

So i put it to supporters of intelligent design. What reason is there to think that intelligent design is the cause of different species and why should it replace evolution, Even if evolution is one day proven to be incorrect?

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