September 08, 2007

$200 Million To Victims Of Paedophile Priests

The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego is about to pay out a huge $200 million to around 144 people who were victims of paedophile priests, Most during the 60's and 70's.

While this payout may seem big it pales in comparison to the $660 million previously paid out to 508 victims of paedophile priests who can't keep their hands off of small children.

Bishop Robert H Brom said; "The diocese has always been committed to resolving this litigation that fairly compensates these victims and would still preserve the ongoing ministries and programs of the church", Of course he failed to mention that six months previously on the eve of the trial the church claimed bankruptcy in an attempt to protect it's assets.

Do these scummy old perverts not know that god doesn't like kiddy fiddlers? It's odd that people who claim to have such a firm belief in the almighty would commit such terrible, wicked sins on vulnerable children who both trust and respect them.

What is it about Catholicism and child abuse? The two seem to go hand in hand. Anyone have any ideas?


  1. Those catholics sure do like raping children. I find it wholey disgusting that this kind of thing is usually swept under the carpet. They even filed bankruptcy to try and get out of paying these poor people.

  2. Hitler believed in gravity. Does that mean that everyone who believes in gravity want to see all Jews round up and killed?

    But you think everyone who believes in God believes in child abuse.

    You strive to prove your superior perspective, but when it gets down to it, you're just as deluded as the Christians.

    I don't care if you bash God, but please, please at least make a coherent argument.

  3. I doubt that he or she was being entirely serious when they said that catholicism and paedophilia go hand in hand.
    The point trying to be made was the hypocrisy of people of such high religious importance such as priests doing something that is so blatantly contrary to what they are supposed to be preaching.