September 08, 2007

The Parasitic, Thieving, Unoriginal Religious

Like fleas clinging to the back of a dog and drinking it's blood the religious have certainly been fast to cash in on the original work of more successful writers by bringing out their "answers" to Atheist books by writers such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris.

Not only have the religious tried to make money from the popularity of atheist books in true christian style, they have even used the names and covers of more popular books in a way which can only be described and plagiarism, Or dare i say, "theft".

This is before we even delve in to the book and start reading the monotonous text, Text which has been almost lifted wholesale from every other parasites book and regurgitated even though it has been proven fallacious and incorrect time after time - It makes me wonder if these fleas even read each others books, Or are they too busy trying to cash in to do research?

I don't have time to quote some of the more fallacious, regurgitate tripe that these books inflict on the reader, So i am going to focus on the obvious plagiarism of the names and front covers.

It begs the question, Are the religious even capable of constructing an original thought any more?


  1. I hadn't realized how similar the vovers are till now. These peple have no shame.

  2. LOL good find! They have totally ripped off the look of them books!