September 13, 2007

Canadian School Children Allowed To Arm Themselves

.. As long as it's in the name of religion.

I have just stumbled across a story from the middle of last year in which a Canadian Sikh student won the right to carry a dagger (kirpan) to school after the supreme court unanimously decided that denying him this right would infringe his civil liberties. No doubt the idea that he couldn't carry a weapon in school "offended" him.

in 2001 the school banned 12 year old Gurbaj Singh Multani from wearing the ceremonial dagger after the parent of another child was concerned for the safety of other students. Gurbaj Singh Multani was then suspended and removed from school.

"Religious tolerance is a very important value of Canadian society," Justice Louise Charron wrote in the judgement. Apparently more important than the safety of the children and teachers who have to spend time with a 12 year with a weapon.

How far does "religious tolerance" go? If i was required, By my religion, To carry a fully loaded cocked and ready AK47 should i be allowed to? And more importantly, Should my 12 year old son be allowed to take it to school?

This "tolerance" thing seems to only go one way. The rest of us are required to be tolerant and respectful of peoples religions, But no respect is shown by religions to us. A dagger is a weapon, Weapons are designed to kill, intimidate and injure. They have no place in schools or places or work.


  1. This was a big deal here in Canada and I would like to point out that it was not reported acuratly most of the time. The 'dagger' was compleatly dull. Really it was like a letter opener. I really don't see a problem with that.

  2. what are you, stupid? it still had a sharp point, eh? would it still put someone's eye out, or poke a hole in a belly?

    "The 'dagger' was compleatly dull. Really it was like a letter opener."
    Ya know, I wouldn't want a 12-year-old hanging out in school with *my* kids waving a letter-opener, either.

    On the other hand, I think this is a wonderful thing for the terrorists... now they know how to arm their children against the christian children... "oh, our religion requires us to carry these."

    what's next, allowing paper clips on airplanes?

    but seriously... let's just roll with it, and arm all of our children with little daggers, even if they are "dull, and really no more than a letter opener". let's see how quickly that gets our kid suspended, and then sue the crap outta the school because of religious discrimination. that's right, it's discriminatory that my child can't carry a dagger *because it's **not** provided for in his religion*.
    You can't have it both ways.

    in other words, clever up, and show the system how stupid it's being.

  3. Please let me remind you that the religion that allows to have a DULL CEREMONIAL dagger with them at all times is AGAINST violence of any sort.
    Sikhs have every right to practice their religious beliefs in schools, just like you choose (or choose not to) to not practice your own.

    "On the other hand, I think this is a wonderful thing for the terrorists... now they know how to arm their children against the christian children..."

    If you haven't noticed, or, if you just aren't cultured enough, the 'terrorists' on the televisions are not Sikhs (or they are not practicing ones).
    Sikhs who are practicing their religion are committed to every 'rule' of their religion, and the people who carry the knives are also dedicated to nonviolence, therefore, they will NOT attack anyone's children with their dull, unsharpened metal.

    If you are making a comment on other peoples religion,Tim, the least you can do is research it, instead of dismissing their culture and customs, because having a multi-cultural environment is a place where I would allow *my* kids to grow up in, instead of being sheltered from the world.

  4. And let me remind you that children go to school to learn, Not display their religious weaponry.

    Do what you want at home and arm your children in any way you please, Not at school though.

  5. Evidently, our anonymous contributor missed my point. Allow me to try again.

    If the school says it's ok for a Sikh child (or any child) to carry a dagger (or a stick, or a ball, the argument is the same), then my (non-Sikh) child is allowed to carry one, as well. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, eh?

    In other words, if they allow one child to carry a weapon, then *all* children are allowed to carry weapons. You can't base the decision on religion, or you lose separation of church and state.

    So, if I had a child, and lived in Canada, I would be arming my child for school on a daily basis, and waiting for them to say something so I could sue for enormous punitive damages.

    I'm not saying anything about "if my religion required..." I'm saying that because this child is allowed to go to school with a knife, my child is *also* allowed, legally, to go to school with a knife, and anyone who says differently is practicing religious discrimination.

  6. As an aside, Everything in my previous post (the one beginning with "what are you, stupid?") prior to "but seriously..." was intended as humor. I apparently need to work on my writing skills, as it is not immediately obvious that I was intending humor. Sorry, I forgot that text doesn't show sarcasm very well :)