September 03, 2007

Ok, Let's Teach Creation In Schools

Inspired by this Pat Condell video i have come to the conclusion that yes, creation should be taught in schools. We can even call it intelligent design if you want, I know you think calling it "intelligent design" makes it sound actually scientific.

Am i serious? partially, But mostly I'm just saying it to make a point. because surely if we do teach scripture in a science class when it has absolutely zero evidence to back it up we should also be made to teach any other crackpot idea that someone has dreamed up that has no evidence to support it.

So I'm going to propose that we also teach the idea that Pat came up with to explain how humans arrived on planet earth. Think about what kind of creature you would get if you crossed a monkey with a pig. I'm sure you would agree that it would look a lot like a human. In Pat's video he makes the very interesting point that in some cannibal societies human meat is called "long pig". So that settles it, Humans are the result of a pig and a monkey having sex. That's the theory we are going with, And as Pat says, As there isn't a shred of evidence to support it we are going to believe it all the more passionately.

So, The religious, Would you agree to your children being taught our monkey/pig theory if we agree to our children being taught your god-done-it theory?

Does anyone else have a crackpot theory for the origins of man that we can force the children of religious people to learn?


  1. Yeah, my dad use to tell me the Earth is a giant penial colony, much like Australia was long ago. The Asian planet dropped of some of their bad people, the Anglo planet sent their spaceship and dropped off their people, and Indian planet dropped off their casinos. And the blacks spaceship broke down in the most horrible part of our planet, Africa.

    And that's where man came from. We all came from other planets, it's really that simple, lol.

  2. The one with the MOST evidence the the Holy Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Hehe sorry but it's been done already ;)