September 06, 2007

Nepal Airlines Is Safe, They Sacrificed Two Goats.

Next time you are flying on Nepal's national airline, Nepal Airlines, You can be rest assured that you are going to experience an event free safe flight. After all, Nepal Airlines have recently sacrificed two goats to appease the Hindu sky god, Akash Bhairab.

When Nepal Airlines started experiencing technical problems with one of their Boeing 747's their first reaction wasn't to call out a technician and have a huge overhaul of safely checks and test flights. Nope, They simply slaughtered two goats on the runway in front of the plane in a ritual designed to make their sky god fix the problem. Their sky god is an aircraft engineer, Apparently.

If i was them i would have been praying to the ground god (if they have one), It's the ground that kills you in a crash, Not the sky.

Just another example of how religion turns people in to retards and makes them do dangerous things.


  1. Two things:

    1. It was a 757, not a 747. Big difference to us that know, but not to someone who doesn't care. Regardless, if you're basing your entire blog on what you call "truth", you'd probably better focus on your own accuracy.

    2. The airplane was routinely in maintenance for its hydraulic problems. Goats were killed, no more hydraulic problems. Sounds like the "retards" got something right. But you forgot to mention that part.

  2. Wait, Are you suggesting that the killing of goats had some kind of effect on the airworthyness of an aeroplane?

  3. No, I think that he is just saying it's very coincidental that the plane no longer had hydraulic problems. Also, it does make sense why they would sacrifice to the air god. Air helps to keep planes afloat. No air, no flying.