January 19, 2009

MPs Want To Ban Atheist Bus Advert

I woke up today thinking i had been transported to Iran as i read the news that British MPs are trying to have the atheist bus poster which says "there's probably no god" banned on the grounds that it may make christians and muslims feel "embarrassed and uncomfortable" (grow a pair and deal with it you sniveling cry-babies).

I thought Britain prided it's self on it's freedom of speech? I thought we lived in a country where people were allowed to have different views, and voice those views. Or is it as i suspect, and how it usually is with the religious, that people can only voice views if they are the same views as the religious.

Here is a list of MPs abusing their position in order to censor descent.

Gregory Campbell - campbellg@parliament.uk
Bob Spink - spinkr@parliament.uk
Sir Nicholas Winterton - mcatory@btconnect.com
Jim Dobbin - Unknown
David Drew - Unknown
Ann Cryer - Unknown
Marsha Singh - Unknown
Lee Scott - scottle@parliament.uk
David Simpson - davidsimpson@upperbannd.u.p.co.uk
Ann Winterton - annwintertonmp@parliament.uk

The time when religious views are given specials concessions has to come to an end. If christian groups can advertise a website which states that disbelievers will burn in hell why on earth can't atheists have one that says it probably wont happen?

A part of me wants the atheist bus advert banned, Either by the advertising standards authority on the grounds that the claims can't be proven or by wishy-washy MPs on the grounds that it may offend - Imagine the leverage that kind of president would give us. We would practically be able to outlaw religion overnight.

People opposing this advert are treading on very thin ice and they should be very careful when it comes to their reasons for opposing it, Or they may find the same logic coming back and biting them on their arse.

Thanks to nullifidian


  1. I'm embarassed to say that Australian Advertisers refused to run those ads because they didn't want to display anything 'controversial'.
    And yet they display very evocative ads elsewhere.

  2. If i had the money i would. by the way is there anything stopping someone from putting a massive sheet on there roof a paint (Gods not Real RETARDS)if noti would do it and put on yotube.