January 07, 2009

We All Agree Self-Harm Is A Result Of Mental Illness, Right?

"Self-harm develops when the child who has become attached to those who have inflicted pain and suffering maintains that attachment by inflicting pain on himself."

"self-harm behavior is usually regarded as symptomatic of serious mental illness, often associated with a history of childhood trauma such as abuse or neglect."


  1. hi,
    im an atheist, and being from a muslim country, i hate that depicted act.
    but the rationale you gave here has problems. u can use the same logic for people who smoke, people who have an unhealthy diet, or even people who dont work out, because its scientifically proven that these activities harm you and -i guess- everybody knows about it these days.
    so can just label all this people mentally ill?!

  2. Well, religion will do that too.

  3. There's a huge difference between doing something addictive (smoking), something that feels good at the time (eating junk food), or laziness (lack of exercise), and flagellating yourself until you bleed.

  4. These people are flagellating out of love of the sacrifice of Hussain. They say if Hussain could die in the cause of God and allow his family to be sacrificed then the least we can do is shed some of our own blood in his name. Its simlar to the christians inflicting the signs of stigmata and putting themselves on the cross. Only God can judge these actions but the intentions are pure.