November 21, 2007

Calling All Atheist Bloggers!

If you run an atheist based blog or website you may be interested to know about a digg type site i have set up specifically for atheist blogs/sites and science sites.

This is a great way for you to promote your blog, get extra traffic and increase backlinks. I have written some special javascript to make it even easier for your visitors to submit your articles and posts and to vote for you.

Simply drop this piece of code anywhere on your blog template or site to have the special submit/vote link generated automatically for every one of your pages.

Don't worry if you don't run a blog or website, You can still submit any interesting atheism/science articles you find by going to the submit page and filling out the form.

even if you dont want to submit anything i'm sure you will find a lot of interesting articles on there to read and vote for!

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