November 18, 2007

Mike Huckabee Responds

You may remember a while ago we run a story about an Atheist called lunch4lyfe (not his real name) who, Via 10questions, Asked the presidential candidates "is America unofficially a theocracy?".

The votes were tabulated and lunch4lyfe got one of his videos in to the top ten (his other was removed) and his question was posed to the presidential candidates. So far the only person to have responded is Mike Huckabee. Huckabee gave the response you would expect from a politician, But he also made some comments that i would like to discuss further.

let's watch the video and then I'll address his comments.

Mike Huckabee starts off well by saying a president should not be able to force his beliefs on citizens, But then, What else was he going to say?

He then goes on and hints at the "America is a christian country" argument by saying "our founding fathers believed in a creator" when in actual fact most opposed religion entirely and even included the establishment clause in the constitution. Thomas Jefferson even wanted a wall built between church and state, Not just separation.

Huckerbee then goes on to say that he has more respect for an Atheist who lives like an Atheist than for a christian who doesn't live like a christian. While this is a big step from when George Bush Sr said Atheists shouldn't be considered citizens i am puzzled. How exactly is an Atheist supposed to live?

How well do you think Mike Huckabee answered the question? Do you have any issues with anything he said?
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