November 20, 2007

The Creationists Scientific Method

Pretty funny pic highlighting exactly why creationists fail. Where science draws conclusions from evidence the creationists search for evidence for support their conclusion.


  1. If non-creationists are so smart, why do you have to explain the comic to them :-).

    Actually, many Christians understand that all truth is God's truth. The Bible is true, but God also reveals himself in his creation. We can learn about him both ways.

  2. And who really follows the scientific method and who ignores evidence that doesn't support their worldview? See

  3. Neil scientists get angry at facile arguments like the one made because creations constantly think that one observation can discredit an entire theory.

    What do you expect? That science throws out 100 years of corroborating evidence just because someone makes an observation that wasn't predicted?

    maybe in your books admitting one instance of being incorrect invalidates the whole thing, But in science we can happily accept that a prediction wasn't entirely supported by the observation, And we adjust our theory to suite.

    All you have done lend yourself as the example. You have done what the cartoon predicted you would. You have ignored all corroborating evidence that supports evolution and focused on the one piece of evidence that, To someone who knows jack shit, Appears to discredit evolution (which STILL isn't evidence of a creator).