November 29, 2007

You Know Atheists Are Winning When....

You know Atheists are winning when writers like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens have parasitic fleas cashing in on their success.

After the success of Atheist books the religious have been quick to bring out their own books. But unlike Atheists books the religious are left, Like usual, Presenting no evidence for their own position (other than regurgitated fallacies that have been repeatedly kicked to death) and only seek to refute the opposing position, Much like they do with evolution.

This can mean one of two things.
Either Atheist books are seen as a significant threat and worthy of rebuttal or the anti-atheist authors are simply trying to make some money on the back of someone elses work.


  1. Here we go. We are not allowed to write books explaining our beliefs. And of course atheist have a higher reason in writing their books than making money. This sounds so phony it is sicking.
    I am having a hard time seeing why you all spend so much time on attacking us. Shouldn't you be bettering yourselves so that you may bring about the next evolution of mankind? Were does trying to disprove God come into the whole atheist plain. Do you not have better things to do?

  2. Here we go wayne. You are of course allowed to write books explaining your belief, as if your holy books aren't enough. But those books mentioned aren't just books to explain your beliefs, they were rebuttals, and worse they fed off other people's books.
    Athiests have higher reasons than writing their books: do you think richard dawkins needs more money? Hitchens? No. Take a look at the authors of those religious books: ever heard of any of them? No. You sound so phony it is sickening.
    If you're having a hard time seeing why we do this then you're not smart: just look at all the bad things being done in the name of religion.
    Your comment about 'the next evolution of mankind' clearly shows you don't know what it is. There's no such thing as 'the next evolution', it's an ongoing process. There may be 'the next coming of christ' or whatever, but there's no 'the next evolution'.
    Trying to disprove god comes into the whole atheist plan by showing it's a logical fallacy. And while we have many good things to do, this is one of them. Don't YOU have better things to do? How about not advertising your blog on someone else's?

  3. All rebukes excepted. Thanks for the enlightenment. You told me some things I really did not know. Thanks.

    Sorry if my attitude sounded bad. I wrote in the moment.

    Also sorry for the blog ad. I assumed it was OK. I would have welcomed a visit to my blog and you leaving a comment with link back. I assumed also that was the way to swap traffic. I was wrong.

    I do disagree with some of the things you said, but we could flood the web with back-and-forth comments. I am looking into evolution and trying to understand it better. I haven't much time to spend so sorry if I seem to hit and run. I will be back with other comments and/or questions.

    Thanks again,

  4. It is good to see you are not fundamentalist and are trying to understand. I also wrote in the moment because I thought I was dealing with some troll fundamentalist.

    From looking at your blog you seem thoughtful and intelligent. Do bring up things you disagree with and feel free to ask questions about atheism and evolution as well.

  5. im now reading pullmans trilogy. the golden compass. it is less daunting as it comes in a fantasy package compared to the works of dawkins and hitchens

  6. The argument could be made that Dawkins, Hitchins, et. al. are also "parasitic fleas" cashing in on Christianity by selling books based on their abundant lack of understanding of religion in general and Christianity in particular. I'm all for open debate among folks of all faith and no faith at all. And I would agree that most (if not all) of what is written as a "response" to Dawkins and other ilk is rubbish. HOWEVER, it is disingenuous and really a bit arrogant to mistake what Dawkins and others are doing as anything other than making a living by being against a belief system which they hold to be untrue - much like the "fleas" you're complaining about.