November 07, 2007

Fred Phelps Hissy Fit Over $11 Million Fine - Video

Hate mongering soldier of god Fred Phelps throws a hissy fit during a phone interview with CNN's Rick Sanchez.

Fred Phelps was recently ordered to pay Albert Snyder nearly $11 million compensation for protesting at the funeral of Mr Snyders son, A marine who lost his life in Iraq last year.

Apparently Fred Phelps thinks the fine is a bigger injustice than his disrespectful rantings directed and grieving mothers, Fathers and family members who have lost loved ones. Hopefully this fine will set a president and hopefully it will encourage other families to take Westboro Baptist Church to court, Don't stop until these people have lost everything.

Cry me a river Fred, You filthy excuse for a human.


  1. Those people who made that god hates fags website are terrible people. They are the scum of the earth. They represent the worst of people.

  2. Do we need silver bullets to kill this guy or something, sheesh...

    (The newscaster biting his lip was priceless =D )