November 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Evolution! 148 Today!

Today is a special day for Atheists, Rationalists and fans of science - Agnostics can celebrate too, if they don't think it would offend the religious - It's the 148th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's book explaining the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.

On this day 148 years ago a great man made a brave move and published a science book that he knew would cause outrage in the religious community, Which at the time was pretty much everyone except French aristocrats.

When Darwin first made the observation that positive attributes were passed on by means of natural selection the scientific community had no idea that DNA and retroviruses existed, let alone that they would support Darwin's ground breaking theory in the future.

But now, As science can map the genome of chimps and study endogenous retrovirus DNA, We find that each new scientific breakthrough that can falsify evolution ends up supporting it fully.

Thank you Charles Darwin, And happy Birthday Evolution!

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