November 24, 2007

Pastor Arrested For Making Terrorist Threat

Birmingham Police Sgt. Cory Hardiman said Wanda Radford was arrested November 9th for making a terroristic threat against a person in public administration. Another police officer told FOX6 News the public official was a circuit court judge.

Pastor Radford is the founder of "Mothers Who Want to Stop the Violence," an organization created to promote non-violence in Birmingham.
My my, The hypocrite radar is working overtime this week.

Tell me, Is it compulsory to be a hypocrite if you hold a position within a religious organisation?



  1. And yet Ironically, you give no evidence or wait for the evidence to surface to reinforce that fact. Does being an atheist mean that you have no logic and haven't got a clue?

  2. Anonymous, When the only option you have to save face is to defend someone who makes threats of violence to judges it is probably best if you keep quite.