November 22, 2007

Hitchens: Romney's Mormonism Is Fair Game

Christopher Hitchens goes on Fox noise to defend the medias right to ask questions about presidential candidate Mitt Romney's belief in Mormonism.

Here are some interesting facts about Mormons.
1. Up until 1978 Mormons didn't allow blacks in the priesthood.
2. Mormons believe the garden of Eden was in Missouri.
3. Mormons believe when they die they become a god and receive their own planet to rule over.

pretty nuts eh?


  1. The ability to become a god isn't automatic for all Mormon's, just an FYI to help your factual validity.

  2. And what's so much more nuts about Mormon beliefs than any other religion? 2,000 years ago there were plenty of Christians who believed pretty much the same stuff that Mormons believe today. Their ideas were suppressed by the church in Rome. If the church in Egypt had been more powerful, Mormonism wouldn't seem at all strange today.

  3. "Mormonism wouldn't seem at all strange today"

    Except that it is all still pure fantasy and factually incorrect... no matter what happened in Rome and Egypt in the past.