November 28, 2007

Pat Condell Puts Polite Atheists In Their Place

In his latest video legendary Atheist Pat Condell puts polite Atheists in their place by pointing out how pointless and damaging the "hobby" of polite Atheism is. Pat points out that rationality, logic and reasoning are wasted on the religious because they have no interest in a discussion and only use dialogue to tell you how they are right because it's written in an old book.


  1. I am actually very open, or at least try to be, to other's views. I do not go around saying "God exists because it says so in this book." Just because a few religious nuts do that does not mean every single religious person does.

    I also think that there is nothing wrong with polite debate as long as there is politeness on both sides.

    This was probably planned, but it is very ironic how he ends the video with "peace and love."

  2. I think I love him!

  3. Can't get enough of Pat!