November 18, 2007

The Love Of The Lord, In The Form Of Hate Mail

Ever sinse putting my email address on the right hand side of the blog i have received a vast amount of hate mail. So i have decided to post the particularly moronic or hateful ones on the blog. This may become a regular thing.

Today we are honoured by the incisive and well put rantings on a jesus-freak called Beverly.

From Beverly
Hello shit head

You may not believe in god but other people do so why dont you just shut the fuck up and keep your blasphemy to yourself and your other godless, homosexual monkey fucking freinds

God only loves christians and he HATES people like you. god is going to send you to HELL and you are going to BURN forver. I pray everyday asking god to get rid of you people and one day he will, he hates you! go to fucking hell!

My reply
Hello Beverly.

Thank you for your email. While the thought of you sitting in your home talking to yourself asking your invisible friend to do your dirty work for you makes me laugh hysterically, I feel obliged to let you know that you probably aren't doing it right. I actually feel better than ever.

Can i suggest an animal sacrifice? Good luck

Kindest regards, Matt. [GBG] blog

Not all mail is hate-mail so thanks to the people informing me of interesting sites and stories.


  1. That's exactly why I have my new website, fthink, under private registration and why I don't use my full name. People are crazy and are capable of giant acts of violence and stupidity! Beverly sounds like a fine example of one of those people.

  2. Very funny matt

  3. "homosexual monkey fucking freinds" LMAO!!!

  4. Beverly sounds like she may be a Westboro Baptist member. Or, maybe just a wannabe. She's got the hate and stupid parts down.

  5. Beverly sounds like a chick I did once in high school.