December 20, 2007

Archbishop On The Turn?

Dr Williams - Archbishop of CanterburyIn an interview with the BBC [1] Dr Williams, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Made a damning attack on the accuracy of the bible in a style that one would expect from Atheist such as Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens. While it is always nice to see intellectual honesty from the religious it does make me wonder how he can retain belief in the fundamentals while rejecting minor details as being false.

The Anglican leader ripped apart the idea that three kings followed a star by saying the story of the three kings was nothing but a "legend" based on one vague reference in the gospel of Matthew and that they couldn't have followed a star that rose in the sky and remained stationary over Jesus because "stars simply don't behave like that".

He also said it wasn't necessary for new Christians to believe in a virgin birth, Which i always thought was the foundation.

As it is coming up to Christmas the Archbishop also see fit to reveal that he thought Jesus probably wasn't even born in December and that "Christmas was when it was because it fitted well with the winter festival."

It seems from the interview that the only thing the Archbishop actually believes to be factual in the bible is that Jesus' parents were called Joseph and Mary, Though in reality there is as little evidence for that, Or anything else contained in the bible, As there is for kings, virgins births or stars that remain stationary.

This time next year we can expect a book from the Archbishop titled "Christianity: What a load of bollocks."

[H/T: Oz Atheist]

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  1. nesdTheists have always cherry picked which parts of the bible they feel like believing.
    I wanna hear the man with the hat talk about unicorns & dragons.